Sunday 6 July 2014

Craft & Quilt Fair round up (a week later...)

My booth at the Craft & Quilt Fair last week
All set up at the Exhibition Centre in South Wharf for the Craft & Quilt Fair last week

I had an absolutely fantastic time at the Craft & Quilt Fair last week, so many lovely people with so many nice words about my work, I feel totally validated that this path I am running on is the right one (and I'm loving it). Thank you so much if you were one of those lovely people, it truly was a pleasure meeting you! (and yes, as the top photo shows, I met Shelley Craft! She was lovely, too.)

I've updated the shop with some new prints that I debuted at the fair plus the Clothpot kits and some new DIY oobee kits:

Photographing the Clothpots for the shop listing, hope to get the kits online tonight, along with a bunch of new panels, the DIY oobee soft toy kits and yes, a few Sample Packs

I have a TON of reprinting to do and loads of basecloth arriving at my doorstep tomorrow (and the next day. and possibly the next day) along with some other goodies I have ordered for the studio ( plus a few art book type treats for myself, I deserve them). The studio is coming along excellently after a setback with the floor and is all set to be ready and waiting for my first sold out day of workshops this Saturday - yay! I've set up August and September dates for Block Printing on Fabric and Freeform Patchwork and will have dates for Screen Printing at Home and Quilting Basics in the next few weeks. It's all just so good, folks, so very good :)


  1. Wow Leslie! Your stall looks so amazing - congratulations :) I'm surprised you feel the need for validation. if ever there was someone who totally deserves every bit of praise, it's you. Glad it all went well. Kx

  2. What a stunning backdrop - simple yet elegant.

  3. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Your space looked amazing at the show and it was lovely to shop in person and get the opportunity to have quick chat. All the best with the opening.


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