Tuesday 17 June 2014

Craft & Quilt Fair + new studio, new workshops, new, new, new!

I'm not even going to mention the fact that I haven't written here for weeks (months) on end (except that I did just mention it), I'm just going to say that I've been working my little buns off getting plenty of pretty stock ready for the Craft & Quilt Fair next week here in Melbourne.

Introducing Maze & Vale Clothpots! I'll be launching DIY kits for these handy little fabric buckets in four different, reversible designs at the Craft & Quilt Fair at the end of the month, online shortly after :)
Putting together Clothpot kits to launch at the Craft & Quilt Fair at the end if the month, another slowly but surely.

I'll be launching a new kit to make these lovely, reversible fabric buckets, perfect for dressing up a plant pot or storing any manner of goodies (would make a perfect yarn holder for you knitters). There are four different kits available with two different prints in each, all handprinted on a sturdy hemp/organic cotton. I completely love these and hope you guys do too.

The state of my printing table: piles and piles of fabric as far as the eye can see!
This is a 50 litre container almost completely full of Sample Packs and specially priced handprinted fabric panel bundles!

I will also have a ton of Sample Packs and specially priced, fabric panel bundles plus oobee soft toy kits, dropcloth artwork, advent panels and plenty of fabric panels to peruse. There are a lot of other excellent makers attending the fair for the first time this year, including RicRac,  The Crafty Squirrel, L'ucello, Melly & Me, Treehouse Textiles, Emma Jean Jansen and Sew Well Maide so it's well worth a visit.

Slowly but surely.

My other massive news that has been keeping out entire household quite busy is that I took over the lease on a little shopfront in West Footscray at the beginning of the month which will become my new printing and workshop studio! I have been searching for a space for such a long time and, although ideally this space could be slightly larger, it's so close to my home and fairly reasonably priced (for a commercial lease, which I've discovered are horrendously expensive and now as I drive around town, I ponder how all these little businesses are even keeping their doors open) that I had to jump on it. I love the fact that it's a shopfront as I have extra incentive to make it all pretty and apparently a cafe is opening up next door so really, that's just about perfect in my books.

Flyers to hand out at the Craft & Quilt Fair - my first workshop sign ups are open now! Learn Block Printing on Fabric and /or Freeform Patchwork in my new studio on July 12th, link in profile

My husband has been working ridiculous hours over there, painting and now pulling up all the cracked vinyl tiles. Once the fair is over, I'll be spending the following two weeks setting it all up just how I want it (sooooooooo exciting) before my first set of workshops on July 12th. Yep, that's right, I opened sign ups last week for Block Printing on Fabric in the morning and Freeform Patchwork in the afternoon or a special price for attending the whole day and the workshops are already half full, which makes me so smiley inside. I have plans for many more workshops, including lots of screen printing ones, up my sleeve so keep an eye on my Facebook page or in the Workshops section in my shop for more details (as I'm not super reliable with posting here, obviously).

And yes, of course, we still have the sweet Pepper puppy adding to the fun and craziness:
Miss Pepper, 16 weeks and cute as ever.

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  1. I wish I could be on that side of the world to attend your workshop and your new shop :)

    All the best,


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