Tuesday 11 March 2014

Project journal: 11.03.14


I just spent the most splendid evening learning all about and playing with porcelain clay under the tutelage of Miss Abby Seymour (go check out her work, people, it is incredible) and I had SO MUCH FUN. It was so nice to play with an entirely new medium - okay, not entirely new, I've done quite a few ceramic classes over the years but never before with porcelain, which I found really great to work with, especially with all of Abby's knowledge and tools to help out. But it was just so nice to play with something creative with no real outcome expected, you know? I don't plan on becoming an ceramic artist or releasing a line of porcelain vessels or beads, I just wanted to create something entirely different for my own use and enjoyment. Loved it. I have three more sessions to go and can't wait to go back.

This quilt top is finished!!! Freeform Patchwork in bluey/greens and neutrals for a sweet almost one year old. If you'd like to hang with me and learn this super fun style of patchwork, check out my upcoming workshops with Handmaker's Factory and Treehous
I made the binding last night for the custom quilt I am working on, the last of the cotton I had digitally printed last year.

In other crafty news, the quilt top in muted teals and neutrals is finished and I've made the binding, just need to have the backing decided upon and then I can get quilting. Over the weekend I managed to convince myself that I really do need a new sewing machine but it's going to require the savings of quite a few pennies so it probably won't happen it in time to do this quilt, which is a bit of a bummer. My current Janome works just fine but it's 8 years old and was only ever a very standard mid-range machine (I think it was $599 when I bought it), not really designed for quilting or the completely ridiculous amount of work I've put it through over the years. To it's credit it hasn't missed a beat and I've never even had it professionally serviced (I do clean it out periodically) but the thought of having a super fast machine with a big open throat and lots of perks has finally won me over, especially with all the quilting I intend to do over the next few years. I foresee a massive drop of Sample Packs at the end of March to help nudge me towards sewing nirvana... :)


  1. Can't wait to see your porcelain creations, I'm sure they'll be beautiful, just like your printing & quilt work.

  2. Hello. I popped over via an old link on blueelephanstitches. My first thought was 'Ooh, those lovely Maze and Vale fabrics are being used overseas!' Then I realised you ARE Maze and Vale and we're in the same town. Oh the wonders of the Internet, huh?
    Anyway, I recently treated myself to a secondhand Janome 6600 after years on a Janome Sewist (one up from base model). I put a 50" x 60" quilt through the other day - that big throat made it a completely painless experience. I love it. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of your new machine when you get one as I am from mine.


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