Tuesday 4 March 2014

Project journal: 04.03.14

dropcloth + linen quilt wip

I should have just titled today's entry, 'too many projects, too little time (and brain capacity)'. I have my fingers in quite a few pies but took a bit of a break last week to hang out with my mom before she headed off on further New Zealand and Australian adventures (lucky duck). So I'm back into it this week, working further on the custom muted teals + neutrals single quilt and the dropcloth bits + linen quilt tops (the latter shown here) and trying to plan my markets and teaching for the rest of the year.

dropcloth + linen quilt wip

I'm only just unpacking my goodies from what was a most splendid Craft Camp the other weekend (Craft Camp is a group of fantastic women, gathered by Suzie a few times a year at Sewjourn in Lancefield; an enriching, amazing experience that I am so very thankful to be a part of) and need to put a few finishing touches on the Wiksten Tova top and Merchant & Mills Dress Shirt that I made so I can wear and show them. Never did find a good quality, cotton french knit to make my Lola dress, might have to put that one on the list for next time...


  1. oh wow, I love love love the dropcloth and linen combo. That's an absolute winner! xx

  2. i love this, its so very you!! I always wonder what neutral you use? Is this essex linen or another linen blend. I always hesitate to use pure linen bc of issues ith raveling, washing, shrinking and stuff. It would be nice to hear your advice and expertise
    Best wishes and many hugs from germany

    1. Hi Marit! I have a stash of linen and linen/cotton blends and have used Essex linen/cotton a lot in the past (it used to be my basecloth before I switched to organic) but the majority of this quilt is 100% linen. I haven't had any problems with it in quilting, I don't worry about the shrinking as I like a good, crinkly quilt anyway and since the pieces are straight cut I haven't had any issue with unravelling - I think that is more to do with the weight of the linen anyway, lighterweights tend to unravel but midweights hold together just fine, always make sure it's a nice tight weave :)

  3. Have you finished the Merchant and Mills dress L? Just wondering what the fits like.


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