Saturday 15 March 2014

Workshop news

Teaching Freeform Patchwork with @handmakersfactory today but you can join me next weekend at @treehousetextiles - such fun!
Baskets of fabric, ripe for the picking! Teaching Freeform Patchwork with @handmakersfactory today but you can join me next weekend at @treehousetextiles
Patchwork scraps
Freeform Patchwork happening @handmakersfactory

I had an excellent day today, teaching Freeform Patchwork at Handmaker's Factory to a lovely group of women. Everyone did such a great job and was super keen to just dive right in which I love! I also love teaching so but I'm going to be taking a little break after my next few classes as I just found out I got a space at the Craft & Quilt Fair this June which mean mucho printing and designing work ahead of me. I'm teaching next weekend at Treehouse Textiles for a full day session (with lunch) of block printing and freeform patchwork (only two spots left!), a full day of the same classes in a private session for the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild in early April, then a Block Printing workshop with Handmaker's Factory at the end of April and then a break from teaching until The Craft Sessions in early September (registrations should be opening soonish). It'll be a cozy winter, working on quilts and printing :)


  1. Leslie, your quilting work looks amazing! I'm hoping to replicate a similar style for the quilts I'm making for nieces soon to be with the fabric I printed at the block printing course. Happy creative days! Pips xx

  2. I am so looking forward to doing these classes with you in a few weeks at MMQG!

  3. So much loveliness!! Makes me ache that I'm not there. How fun!!

  4. Anonymous4:10 pm

    LOVE your fabrics and all your creations. Well done. Need to get ahold of some of your fabric for my own creating



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