Tuesday 31 December 2013


Well, howdy. I have been quiet over here in this space, yes, I know. This year was crazy. So good but really, quite crazy and some things just got left behind, like this blog and possibly a few emails (I truly am sorry if one of those emails was yours, I really try to reply to all messages but sometimes I star them to reply to later and that later just doesn't come, or it comes two months later and I feel too ridiculous to reply then). So much happened this year. It was the year my big girl learned to ride a two wheeled bike and lost her first tooth, then her second; the year my youngest got her first (and hopefully, last) stitches and went through many bandaids (a bit accident prone, that one); the year my husband got to spend two weeks in Swaziland, Africa doing building works for an orphanage his company is involved with; the year I finally opened my eyes wide to the true state of our environment and made significant changes to do my {very small} part. It was the year I finally joined a local gym, after 10 years of being gym-less, and started really paying attention to what I'm eating and how it affects just about everything. The year we went to Disneyland and got to see our family in Canada and my kids proved what excellent little travellers they can be; the year my husband finished out raised garden beds and I finally had the mental and physical energy to really enjoy some fruitful (and veggieful) gardening. The year I had my first teaching gig, something I never knew I would enjoy as much as I did or had any idea how fulfilling it could be, an experience that I think will shape my life for many years to come (thank you, Felicia. x). The year I didn't get quite enough time with my friends or my very dear husband but the time I did have was wonderful and gratifying and cherished. It was a year that saw my life continuing to be split in two parts, one part family, one part creative work, with only a slight blurring of the line inbetween. It was a great, bordering on excellent, year. It was a busy year.

And with all the busy-ness that was going on, there was also the underlying theme of me trying to figure out a future path for this wee business of mine and spending quite a bit of time searching for a suitable studio. The studio search has been fruitless so far (seems cheap, large, close-to-home studios are a bit hard to come by) but I think I have a little glimmer of a business idea now, something to dream about and chase, involving quilting and printing and teaching. It definitely involves being in this here space a whole lot more but I know you've all heard that one before.  My big kid starts primary school in 2014 and I managed to score an extra day of childcare for my little kid so my work time is effectively going to double to 15 day time work hours in 2014 - unbelievable!! I'm hoping these extra hours will give me some much needed sanity and allow me to do more actual quilting, sewing and sharing on this here blog, as well as the usual printing, photographing, wrapping orders, etc, etc. I won't promise that I'll post more, I've done that one to many times, but I want to make it happen and so it shall. See you in 2014, I hope 2013 has been great to you but if it hasn't, that you are looking forward with relieved and hopeful eyes. xx

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