Saturday 4 January 2014

Introducing... Tribute, a new design

Kicking off 2014 in the best of ways, with a new design and another one in the works. This one came about in the best of ways, entirely by accident and I had SO much fun following the inspiration along to this fruition. See, I've been working on another design, of mid sized dots that I'm going to scatter across the photo emulsion (if you're not familiar with creating screens at home using photo emulsion, you can find a great tutorial here) and they'll act as a blockout to form the design - it's the same way I have made my Many Moons screens but in this case there will be lots and lots of dots and the placement will be truly random. So anyway, I was punching out all these lots and lots of dots and I noticed how cool the leftover bits of paper were.

I started playing with them and organised them a way that was most pleasing and my poor dots screen got left behind (for the moment) in order to work on this one.

I taped the pieces together so they would be easier to work with and laid them directly on the dried, emulsion loaded screen and exposed them with the sun for about 10 seconds (the sun is pretty hardcore here in Aus).

I'm calling it Tribute as it made me think some of my favourites from my graphic design days - the work of Saul Bass and Blue Note album covers. I'll be printing up three or four colourways this weekend (and having way too much fun with it, I love a new screen) and will have them in the shop next week. Now onto the lots and lots of dots...

ps. sorry about the photo quality, these were taken in my studio with my phone. I reckon if if I actually want to share more, the photos might not always have to be perfect to make it happen.


  1. I absolutely love this Leslie, I can see it being the most delightful binding and so flexible for use with boys. Yeah for happy detours and following a whim and not the plan. Best wishes for a 2014 of greatness.

  2. I was going to say how much it reminded me of Saul Bass! Well done, excellent little design. :) :) :)


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