Friday 8 November 2013

2nd Annual Misprint & Sample Sale!!

Maze & Vale Misprint + Sample Sale

It's that time of year again, the time when I clear out the excess bits and pieces kicking around me studio. I held this sale on November 1st last year and planned to do the same this year (as it's the anniversary of my launching Maze & Vale in 2011) but life and work just seem so crazily busy this year, I had to bump it forward a bit. How can things be so hectic when I don't even have any markets to prepare for this year?? I do not know but hectic they are and based on how this sale was received last year, I expect that the last two weeks of November will be a frenzy of packing orders and post office visits. Because I'm not doing any markets (missed a couple of application deadlines while I was overseas in August and then decided to cut myself some slack), this sale will include a bunch of leftover market stock - only a couple of tea towels (although if I have time, I may print a few more) but lots of linen cushion covers, which I've never offered online before, and a few bags plus a batch of 8 or so oobees (and a ton of diy oobee kits) along with the usual bundles of misprinted fabric, sample stock and some Sample Packs. Oh I may even offload a couple of quilts if I can bear to let them go... hope you all find yourself a few nice treats anyway!

Photographing the goods for my upcoming 2nd Annual Misprint & Sample (and leftover market stock) Sale, happening mid-November

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  1. Just picked up a few more packs. You sewed quite a bit Leslie! I'm impressed. Loved, loved the pillows and bucket bags, but I had to pass. :( And your quilts are quite lovely!! Can't wait to make my own.


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