Monday 2 September 2013


Woah. Have I seriously not posted here for SIX WEEKS?? How is that possible when I was all, 'yep, I'm going to revive that blog, sure am"? I was sure I'd posted right before we jetted away to North America but it must have gotten shoved off my to-do list in favour of organising and recovering from a five year old's birthday party and then packing suitcases and getting the house in order for being shut up. We got home on Saturday after four great days in Anaheim/Disneyland and then two and a half weeks soaking up the good times with my family and friends in Canada. They really need to get a move on inventing teleportation, I don't know how many more sad goodbyes I can take, especially with the kids getting older and more aware of what and who they are missing. But it was splendid to get home to Melbourne this weekend and be welcomed by blossoms everywhere and the scent of jasmine filling our yard.

I'm straight back into work, my Etsy shop is open again and I am hard at work setting up my new website which will contain a stand-alone shop (my Etsy shop will remain open but the new shop will have all one of a kind items like sample packs and quilts, if I can ever find a decent way to photograph them). The new website is going splendidly after a few initial hiccups (first time working with style sheets can throw anyone) and I'm looking to launch it on September 15th, stocked up with new advent panels and yes, folks, Sample Packs aplenty  (I'm actually hoping to have the Sample Packs stocked pretty regularly for the next few months but we'll see how it goes). I've got two new designs that I'm hoping to launch next month and The Craft Sessions workshops to prepare for (have you registered yet?? Excellent Christmas present to yourself, methinks), then hopefully a Melbourne market and a Sydney market to finish the year off. Oh and my Second Annual Misprint & Sample Sale on November 1st to celebrate two years of this fabulous hand printing gig! Never a dull moment around these parts, my friends.


  1. So good you had a great holiday, I can imagine how hard it must be to say goodbye.
    Sounds like you have loads of plans in the pipeline. Will look forward to seeing the new designs. I've just posted about the quilt I made recently featuring Maze and Vale. Juliex

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. I sympathise with the good byes - we are the same... Sounds like you have lots in store for the rest of the year, but what about your much anticipated handprinted swap?? Any time for that? Would you like some help? Keri


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