Sunday 15 September 2013

brand new

I am super happy to announce that my new website is now live! It's long overdue and was a lot of work with a huge learning curve but I am so happy with the end result. Please check it out and take advantage of my shop opening special: flat rate shipping on all orders! A mere $3 within Australia, $5 to New Zealand and $6.95 to anywhere else, no matter how much you purchase. And yes, there are Sample Packs a plenty to be had :)


  1. Looks gorgeous! well done, you multi-talented super lady =)

  2. I just gave it a little test and so pleased to have my advent numbers in muted tones. Thanks Leslie it looks great.

  3. Your website looks great Leslie, love the design and always love looking at your beautiful work.

  4. Looks fantastic. I actually went to buy a sample pack in greys and yellows, but it's only showing red and neutral - does that mean you've already sold out?

    1. Yes, sorry, Vic!! I'll have some more by Sept 30 as I have lots of printing do to :)

  5. looking good there! I so need a makeover but cant be fecked....

  6. you're so clever! congratulations. the sight is fantastic! x


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