Friday 20 September 2013

New organic cotton basecloth and other new assorted goodies

gathering in perfect red
litterfall in husk
So a few of you may have noticed a new basecloth in my new shop... ? Yes, that is right, I FINALLY found a quilting weight organic cotton that I am happy with and can actually afford to buy and print on regularly! It is pure white, a perfect weight and takes ink beautifully - I could not be happier with it. So what does this means for my still relatively new hemp/organic cotton basecloth? I will be offering it by the meter for the designs I can (currently only my two colour Many Moons prints but I have a couple of new ones up my sleeve, coming soon-ish) as a solution for light upholstery and homewares projects but will no longer be printing on it by the panel. I'm slowly adding these new organic cotton panels to my Etsy shop and aim to have it all updated by the end of this weekend but you can see them all in my new shop right now. I will have more new panels soon as I'm expecting delivery of another new basecloth in the next couple of days - a gorgeous organic linen/organic cotton blend will be replacing my current linen/cotton and I hope to be printing on it next week (if school holidays allow).

DIY advent panels
The other surprise newness is the return of my DIY Advent Panels, now digitally printed on a gorgeous linen/cotton canvas and now available in four colour choices. My advent panel screen got irreparably clogged with ink last year (all those tiny holes!) and since I also wanted to slightly reduce the size of the numbers, I decided to get them digitally printed instead of getting a new screen made (with even smaller holes). As such, I can offer them at a much lower price this year and in two new colours, Silver Grey and Golden, perfect with natural linen for a neutral advent calendar to match any decor.

Low Volume Sample Pack
And my apologies on anyone who missed out on Sample Packs this week! As usual they were snapped up pretty quickly but because I have been printing so much (and will be printing so much over the next couple of weeks), I have lots of pieces available to make up new Packs. I will have more in the new shop by September 30th!

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  1. Ooh so many lovelies!
    I love your advent numbers, might have to make some advent pockets as gifts this year!


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