Saturday 23 February 2013

oobees, oobees, everywhere

Still with the oobees, hoping to have them in the shop by March 1st

I've had a couple of people enquire as to whether or not I'll be doing oobee bunnies for Easter this year and happily, the answer is YES! I'm working on a small batch of 6 or 7 (still undecided whether or not one is destined for Sophie...). I was hoping to have them all in the shop by March 1st but have run out of wool stuffing so will have to make a trip to get some next weekend. I'll have four in the shop at the end of the week anyway and will add the rest a few days later.

Diy oobee bunny kits for Easter anyone?

The other bit of Easter fun hitting the shop March 1st will be DIY oobee bunny kits! It's actually going to be a bit of a bonus kit with some extra materials included that you can use to make either a traditional oobee OR an oobee bunny - fun!! I'll post some sneak peeks this week and show you the goods next Friday : )


  1. I so love your oobees, as does Emerson. I'll bet the bunnies are going to be cute cute cute! :)

  2. Beautifee! Love your Obees! ^^


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