Monday 25 February 2013

Handprinted: a fabric swap III deadline for sign ups approaching

Only a few more days to sing up for the third fantastico Handprinted: a fabric swap! We already have over 65 people ready to start putting their ink to fabric, that is 65 new designs hitting the world in the next month which is pretty darn exciting. Check out the original post to find out what is involved in taking part and browse a couple more tantalising tutorials to get the creative gears turning...

A super simple but super effect stencil technique from Domestifluff.

Awesome foam block printing tutorial by Susie of Flowerpress.


  1. I'm really excited...starting to think about desgins and tools to use. Love that you can get creative...i am starting to look at the kids playdough cutters in a whole different light! I am keen to see if there is a way of turning regular paint into fabric paint - I saw something on better homes and gardens the other night - saying their is a medium you can mix with to do this. Do you know about it? suz

  2. I've heard about mediums you can mix with regular paint but haven't tried them myself, I'd be keen to hear how they work if you have a go! I wrote a post about some ink options last year that you can find here


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