Tuesday 29 January 2013


Summer holidays 1
Summer holidays 2
Summer holidays 3
Summer holidays 4

A little bit of evidence from my phone to demonstrate how busy and how much fun we've had this past month! My mom was here from Canada and we've been to Bendigo, Woodend (twice - excellent playground!), Colac, Phillip Island, to Anakie for the Fairy Park and to Belgrave for Puffing Billy, the Museum, Scienceworks, Harbourtown, Icehouse and countless trips to local playgrounds and the beach. I'm totally revelling in my kids being of an age where they can truly enjoy things and we don't have to work around naps. We are so lucky to live in a place where there are an almost endless variety of things to do and I'm so pleased that even once kinder starts back next week, we'll still have Fridays free all year for more adventures.

So it's back to work for me, not that I really stopped but I haven't had any regular work time for the past month. I'll still have my Thursdays to work this year and potentially a few hours another afternoon as well as my usual evening sewing/printing/designing escapades. I have so many ideas to fill up my time and am itching to fit in more quilting this year - luckily I have a custom quilt to work on right now that I will share soon.

Remember, my fabric sale goes until the end of the month so you have two more days to stock up on handprinted cotton panels at 3 for $20 and handprinted linen/cotton panels at 3 for $25.  And if you're hanging around for news of Handprinted: A Fabric Swap III, sign ups will be open from February 14th to the 28th, I'll have a proper blog post about it next week : )

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  1. Such lovely photos. Mae is looking so much older and Sophie looks very cheeky and fun! We lived in Melbourne for a year when I was 7 and some of those places sound very familiar. I definitely remember Puffing Billy. Juliex


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