Tuesday 15 January 2013

new year SALE!!

Now happening in my Etsy shop...
3for$20 cotton panels
all handprinted, 100% cotton fabric panels are 3 for $20! Get those quilting projects lined up for 2013 and stock up now, friends. I've added a couple of newbies to get you tempted...
tiny forest in overcast
tiny forest in overcast on bone
gathering in dove grey
gathering in dove grey on white

3for$25 linen/cotton panels
Also, all my 55% linen/ 45% cotton panels are on sale at 3 for $25, perfect for quilting and small projects such as zip pouches and the like. I'm slowly adding to this collection and have just added to more to the shop:
small forest in mustard
small forest in mustard on natural
seedpods in murky teal
seedpods in murky teal on natural

So get over there and get shopping, folks, I only run this sale a couple of times a year (and at markets if you happen to come across me at one).


  1. Lina Tortora2:17 pm

    I am a huge fan of shabby chic designs and I must say, I can find so many beautiful items in your blog. Thanks a lot!

  2. These are pretty handmade designs. You could have them in a template and order prints from a printing press for wrappers, folders or whatever you like. This is pure talent that needs to be shown off!

  3. Simple and wonderful designs. I can see that the print is the one that could survive the wear and tear of daily use. Even the quality of cotton is superb. I should say that this is a steal.

  4. I missed the sale. If I read this post a couple of months earlier then I would probably bought most their products. Judging by the looks of this cloths, it is a steal, just like Joe said.

  5. It would be a good website design. It would be lovely.

  6. Thanks for sharing! These designs would be perfect for personalized items such as bags and umbrellas. Good thing I know someone who can make personalized products, because I really want these designs for me.

  7. Hey, what were the things that you purchased last sale? I'm a big fan of sales here, and I spent less because I applied as a member of a furniture store online. No regrets ever since!

  8. I have other ideas with these wraps. maybe we could turn them into bed sheets or something? They seem right for that part.

  9. The print matches well with the motif. The material also looks durable and for only three pieces per quarter hundred dollars, this sure is a smart buy.


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