Tuesday, 5 February 2013

assorted bits

new dropcloth artwork
new dropcloth artwork
new dropcloth artwork
New dropcloth artwork has finally made its way into my shop! There are new designs from dropcloths number 4 and 5, never before seen online and each pretty darn cool in their own right. I had these at my December markets so these are what is left of the editions, only a few of the smaller ones as they were pretty popular.

The last of my custom printing for the weekend : )
Custom printing up a storm #imsopunny
I did a whole shwack of custom printing over the weekend and used up the last of my Storm (deep, dark blue) ink. I have remixed a similar but slightly different shade to replace it so if you are a Storm fan, you may want to snap up some of the last bits of Stormy Weather in Storm and Tiny Forest in Storm while you can as I won't be able to reprint them.

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