Friday 18 November 2011

handprinted: a fabric swap update

seeing some seriously amazing stuff come out of the swap this past week:

{block printed by yardage}

{stamped by flowerpress}

{screen printed [literally!] by kootoyoo}

i guiltily admit that i still have three swap packages to send out (i joined two groups so had eight partners in total). this week of illness threw a wrench in my plans to get them out by tuesday at the latest but i WILL get them out today. i will! i haven't even had a chance to get over to my post box to see what goodies are awaiting!


  1. Hi Leslie! Thanks for sharing my block printing ~ I had an absolute ball with this swap. Thanks so much for organising ~ I hope it's on again in 2012 ~ wink, wink! Nic

  2. I just found out about this swap and am disappointed I missed out! Are you planning on running it again? (After the holidays, of course. :) )

  3. yep, this one has been super fun and easy to organise, i hope to hold another one next year, maybe in march or april. check back for details!


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