Friday 9 September 2011

back to real life

back to real life

we've been home a week (flight home was SO much better, kids slept heaps, i got to actually eat a few meals and the ipod touch i bought in canada was worth it's weight in gold) and it feels like we were never away. funny how that works, hey? life at chez keating seems extra busy at the moment. spring weather and freshly painted walls has me inspired to organise and decorate our house. i'm scouring ebay and the local op shops with my list of needed items, perusing the new ikea catalogue and pinterest for ideas and shifting exisiting furniture around in my head. not really what i need right now when i have the maribynong maker's market next saturday and very little stock to fill up my space. so in addition to housey stuff, i'm working on a batch of new oobees made out of my very own printed fabric, dreaming of new blocks to carve and print, setting some of my existing designs up in illustrator so i can get screens made from them, and sewing random bits of fabric together for some baby quilts. and then there is the mother guilt that comes from having too many personal projects on the go and worrying that my kids aren't stimulated enough after having constant adult playmates for a month so i'm keeping an eye out for crafts and activities that we can do to alleviate the guilt...

just need about 10 more hours in each day, please. and maybe an extra set of arms. or a clone. a clone would be PERFECT. yep, back to normal life around here.

updated to add:: woah, i've just been browsing around on meg's pinterest board for kid's activities - SO much good stuff here!


  1. welcome home! can't wait to see the oobees from your fabric, i love your stamping so i'm sure they'll be cute.

    when you get your clone, can you order another one for me please?

    off to check out meg's pinterest as it's pouring rain here so my planned picnic and sausage sizzle in the park for lunch has just been crossed off the list :(


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