Thursday 1 September 2011



one last block print that i carved here in canada. we're leaving later today, i am excited to get home, can't wait to see my husband and the new big closet in my sewing room (!) but am terribly, terribly sad to be leaving. i love melbourne, it is now home but living so far away from family is hard, triply so when i see how much my kids LOVE spending time with their aunties, uncles, cousins, grandma and grandpa. canada and australia are just too far apart.

i have many things to work on back home, though, and that is an exciting thought... a sewing room to reorganise and redecorate, screenprinting supplies to play with and four markets ahead of me before christmas, the first only weeks away. more on that in the next little while, first i have to steel myself for the flight home....


  1. I love the block prints you've been experimenting with. Great job! I also feel your pain about the distance between Canada and Australia - I'm in Vancouver with my husband, and other family members in B.C. but my Mum, step-Dad, sister and brothers are all in Melbourne. Perhaps we could somehow tug-boat Australia to the middle of the Pacific?

  2. I love these leaves so much - once again the colours are just perfect! You have a flair for block printing!!! Good luck on the trip home. I wish Canada were closer too - one of my best girl friends is living over there and I miss her so much! (I think I need to curb my penchant for exclamation marks)

  3. so hard to live between the two places, we find it hard even just between melbourne and brisbane sometimes and obviously that's nothing compared to two different continents.

    loving the block prints, the colours of these leaves are great too.

    hope the flight home is ok (well as good as it can be :) ).

  4. yes, bloody international relationships. My husband's family are all in France, just too far from Melbourne. I just have to keep putting it in a positive frame - how lucky we are to have two wonderful countries as 'home'.
    Good luck with the flight...

  5. Save travels home!
    It's definitely tough when the two families are so far apart.... suddenly Perth to Melb isn't such a big deal!

  6. I completely understand you feeling torn about leaving home to go "home". I am Canadian (from Ontario) but have lived in Italy since 1999. It's so hard to say goodbye to relatives (I think especially the little ones - you worry they will forget you). Skype helps a bit.
    Anyway, I love your carved blocks too. One day I may try some myself! This summer I bought some alphabet stamps so am looking forward to making some word fabric. Check out my new blog if you have time.

  7. I just love all of it. ALL. OF. IT. Cant wait to see some in person!

  8. this design is so, so beautiful ...
    take care on your flight after many hugs

  9. Gorgeous gorgeous prints L and VERY saleable. I hope you're not feeling too Canada-homesick when you're back x


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