Saturday 1 January 2011

two oh one one

the best part of 2010
the absolute best part of 2010

i'm happy to see the end of two oh one oh. it was a hard year for me, for my husband who has worked countless 12 hours days in a row, for my biggest girl who has learned to take on change like a trooper, for our house that got ripped apart and rebuilt, probably for my poor friends who had to listen to me complain endlessly. i longed for this year to be over and now i'm breathing a slow sigh of relief that it is. we spent the first day of this new year busy, busy, busy; cleaning, moving furniture around*,  putting up long overdue new curtains in our room, setting up the guest room for my mom, sanding and getting the first coat of paint on the op shop table that i will be using as a cutting table in my newly spacious sewing room. it feels good to be getting these things done, like we are setting the tone for the rest of the year. i'm longing to be productive again, to feel like i have accomplished something personally fulfilling at the end of the day, aside from time spent with my amazing, challenging, sweet and funny children. i'm not writing out a list of specific goals this year, but i have plans, thoughts and hopes to follow. i hope you will follow along, too.

*the girls' room move got deferred to tonight, we just didn't get around to setting up their room yesterday. details on how it went in the next couple of days, i am too tired for a full report!


  1. we too were busy with housey things, building a wardrobe, cleaning, dusting, moving baby clothes and sheets... first day of the new year feels so right for it!

    all the change of having the 2nd baby is ahead of us this year!

    Health and happiness to you and your family, have a great year!

  2. We've been rearranging furniture and throwing out junk and I've been painting and I just want to get it all lovely and fresh for the new year. I hope this motivation lasts though! Ohhh can't wait to see your spacious new sewing room!
    xo MODELmumma

  3. Here's to 2011 being a great year full of joy and sewing ;)


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