Tuesday 4 January 2011


out take


so the two munchkins have been sharing a room the past three night and it's going pretty well, i'd say. i don't think either of them have been asleep before 9pm but since they've had colds and crazy holiday schedules lately, that's not much different than the couple of days before we put them together. i'm sure sophie would be asleep sooner if mae didn't insist on yelling "BABY, WAKE UP!" repeatedly or bounce around on her bed like a crazed hyena to entertain her (and of course soph loves it. the giggles coming out of their room are seriously cute to the power of ten). but neither seem to mind when the other wakes in the middle of the night, which is one thing i was worried about, and mae hasn't objected if i come in and take sophie out of the room for 20 minutes when she's grizzling, although she has been getting some extra bedtime stories due to the amount of times i had to go into their room for one or the other before they fall asleep. anyway, i'm feeling optimistic about the move and think that once life gets a bit more back to normal and they are used to being put down together, they'll fall sleep easier. and now i can get down to the huge task of sorting out a room that has been a bit of a dumping ground for the past six months...

sewing room hell



  1. What beautiful photos. I'm sure everyone who has kids who share rooms will tell you the same thing as me. In the end the novelty value of sharing wears off (in that I mean the partying before bedtime) and they just get on with sharing. My twins have shared since the first moment and it's amazing what each will sleep through. Screaming, crying, coughing. It's like they don't seem to notice.

  2. I love that you have them together. I don't get the need for every child to have its own room Sharing helps to build their relationship, teaches them to share and make concession for another and to resolve disputes. My niece and nephew had to be prized away into separate rooms when they were 9 and 11 because Mum thought it was time for them (especially the girl) to have their own rooms. My two boys always shared. To my joy, my grandsons also share a room. It is lovely. Good luck with the other room.

  3. things didn't run quite so smoothly at our house!
    Will have to try again tomorrow...

  4. YAY! Glad it's been going well. Better get busy with the tidying now. :)
    xo MODELmumma

  5. i always love your photos. such happy sweet little moments.
    i think they will love sharing a room in the end. i always wanted a sister- got two brothers instead and am still sad about it. you think by now i'd be over it.
    ah well...
    tidying is a good start even if it only ends up getting messy again. my problem is all those project piles i make and resisting the obvious- purging

  6. Oh, this fills me with hope for when our two offspring are in a shared room. Although we haven't yet made it to the stage where the baby is sleeping in her own cot in our room yet. But it gives me hope!


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