Thursday 28 October 2010


patchwork blanket tops

i don't know if i've had some recent publicity that i'm not aware of or what but i have had a rush of inquiries about custom quilts in the last week so thought i've better put this out there: unfortunately, i am not taking any custom orders for quilts or soft toys in the foreseeable future. the kids are one huge reason - i don't have much sewing time these days and i don't want to feel guilty about people waiting months and months for their quilts, i still feel terrible about the custom orders i had to cancel while i was pregnant (still sorry about that all you nice people). plus i really burnt myself out with making market stock last year and want to find a nice balance between personal sewing and onegirl sewing in the limited time that i do have, mae needs plenty more "pitteee" (pretty) shirts for summer. i have hazy plans to get back into quilting next year but whether or not it will involve custom orders, i just don't know. this here is the place to find out, i guess - watch this space : )

the patchwork tops above will be part of the november shop update (date to be confirmed in the next week. i'm a bit behind due to crazy illness and my wool stuffing being packed away somewhere in storage), made into baby blankets backed with organic hemp/cotton fleece. that's as close to quilting as i'm getting these days and that's enough for now.


  1. Leslie, these fabrics are so sweet and perfect for summer. Where did you get that lovely little rose fabric?

  2. thanks, rosie! it was a vintage pillowcase - sweet, hey? i was actually just looking at the tiny piece i have left today and wishing i had enough to make mae a shirt with it - she is turning into SUCH a girly girl.

  3. Your work is simply beautiful!

  4. I remember embracing all things girly at that age!

    It's best to focus on the kids... you'll get back to the custom stuff one day!


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