Wednesday 27 October 2010

whoa nelly.

it begins

i have been sick. really, really quite sick. the annoying cough that hung around for three weeks turned into runny nose, super sore throat, swollen glands, sore neck, headache, puffy red eyes PLUS gross, phlegmy cough and i finally got my ass to the doctor. antibiotics for my acute sinus and chest infection were prescribed and now, on my fifth day of the course, i finally feel like a functioning human being again. still a bit of a runny nose and every-now-and-again cough but the kidlets both slept in until 8am this morning (a rare treat indeed, mae has been getting up around 5:40am lately. not cool.) and i felt well enough to brave the mostly cloudy skies and hit the zoo. and i'm so glad i did. the sun came out and we had such a lovely morning and overall great, easy day. mae is being a fun, nice little kid again and suddenly eating all manner of foods, even meat which she has completely avoided in ANY form for almost a year. sophie is a sweet, cheery bundle of goodness, even if she is starting to do the annoying 40 minute nap thing that babies do and still gets me up once or twice a night. our house is coming closer and closer to being livable again and we are at the fun reno stage of BUYING THINGS, which i am enjoying wholeheartedly - ordering a giant new fridge and big freestanding oven were highlights, i have to say. i feel like this long, dismal winter might finally be coming to an end. giddyup.

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  1. Oh the shopping sounds like fun, glad to hear you're feeling better. Sounds like good times ahead.

    thanks too about my fleur mat, it really was so fun to make. I love it (and Polly is quite taken with it too).


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