Tuesday 2 November 2010

girly girl


finally, we have some pigtails and we are both pretty happy about that.
she calls them mae-tails and my (ever present) ponytail is a mama-tail : )



  1. It's so fun once little one's hair is long enough for pigtails.

  2. Sweet photos ... (and a pretty quilt on the little bed!)

  3. oh how cute and proud she looks! The pigtails looks adorable with her outfits as well!



  4. I love pig tails! And they really are the best, for keeping her hair out of her face. My Emm has very fine hair, that annoys her greatly when whisps of it tickle her cheeks!
    Girls with pig tails rule!
    One of my colleagues thinks they are always the boldest. He hasn't worked out if the mad girls like pig tails or if the pig tails make them mad!


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