Friday 24 September 2010

kids clothes (week) II

i had signed up to do another kids clothes week challenge this week but both kids have had runny noses, it's school holidays and shane is home for a couple of days off work to do the wall plastering so it was a bit unrealistic to think i could manage an hour of sewing a day. i have finished a few things for the kids in the last couple of weeks though, things that i had cut out in random evenings over the past couple of months.

dobby tunic front

dobby tunic back

 a little (well, not so little, it will probably fit her until she is 6) tunic made from a lovely dobby voile that i actually found at spotlight for $1 in the remnant bin. gotta love a shirt that costs about 40¢. mae loves it and wants to put it on every time it is in sight. cute. i've made this top before, in a much smaller size, the pattern is no. 7 from ottobre 1/2009 (which is a brilliant issue, by the way).

new shirt

and a tee made from a pumpkin patch wrap that sophie was given as a gift and she got way too big, way too fast to be able to use it in warmer weather (probably should have made something for sophie out of it, i guess! oh well, she's get the hand-me-down). this is pattern 5 from ottobre 01/2009 (see? great issue.) with inspiration for the overlocking on the neckline from made's 90 minute shirt.

baby pants

and a couple of wee pairs of pants for soph. dare i say it? yep, design 2 from ottobre 1/2009. so good.


  1. When you're on to something good, stick to it, I say, about them all being from the same issue. What a saving on patterns that is! Great fabrics, love the re-fashioning from the wrap! And mae has excellent taste re the dobby voile tunic.

  2. Love your work!
    And have to say can I come with you to Spotlight some time?! You seem to score the best things there and I usually come away with nearly nothing.

  3. So glad I stumbled here. What lovely work you do and what cutie-pie kiddos.

    Don't feel guilty about time away from your children. I have three little girls and, well, guilt is endless. I blog until two in the morning sometimes because it is the only quiet "me" time I get around here.

    Love it here.


  4. That making a shirt from a wrap is possibly the most clever thing I have read this week! Love it!

  5. So cute! You're a constant inspiration. I'm so close to getting to the machine & making wee clothes.
    Those pants are great, I need to get me some copies of ottobre.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  6. They are all gorgeous, I have that Ottobre out at the moment marked with a few things to make.

  7. Love your projects, especially the refashioned wrap. I don't have that issue of Ottobre (only started subscribing 1 year ago), maybe I'll have to order a back issue - that leggings pattern looks great.

  8. They are all very cute. Love your projects. Thanks a lot for sharing!


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