Saturday 18 September 2010


thanks for all of your support on my last post, every little kind word means tons to me right now. i had a touch of good luck over the past couple of days - got mae into one day of childcare on thursdays, my most perfect chosen day as it and monday are the only ones when we have nothing at all scheduled. don't get me wrong, sometimes it is nice to have days free to do whatever strikes our fancy (or get groceries) but i always dread thursdays a little. so late in the week and a blank slate before friday when we have super fun music in the morning and catching up with friends in the afternoon. so off to childcare mae will go, which makes me feel a bit guilty but i know that i need it. badly. and speaking of guilt, good lord, the guilt when you have two kids is so crazy. i know everyone always talks about how guilt ridden being a mother is but i seriously never really experienced it much when it was just mae and i. now i feel guilty almost constantly, about almost everything. yuck.

oh yes, right, this post is about brighter things. well, i managed to finish off a couple of shirts for mae in the last week or so that i will do a separate post about. and tuesday, when little soph and i quickly popped into an op shop, i found this lovely fellow.

vintage fp

i've been keeping an eye out for vintage fisher price little people for over two years, since i was pregnant with mae and finally had a success, for only $2.


  1. Gotta love vintage fisher price.
    I can't believe the feeling of mama guilt, it's very overwhelming & I only have one.
    Good news about another day of daycare. Just think, she'll get to socialise & learn to be independent & you'll have some time for you, which in turn will make for a happier mama.
    Good stuff.
    Looking forward to seeing the shirts. I'm slowly building the courage to make clothes.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. It's good to read you are better, I send you my best wishes.

  3. Mother guilt is crippling...But you need to do the things that are best for you, so you can be the best mum you can be, and if that means a day of child care for mae, then that is the best thing...really.

  4. Once you find a fantastic child care centre or carer its great. The kids have a great social time and do heaps of different things. I hope the guilt eases and you feel the luckiest person alive!

  5. It's such a rollercoaster this motherhood gig. And the guilt...well sometimes its unavoidable. BUT most times it just twists in our guts and makes us sick for no good reason. Our kids are loved. Loved. Any little thing we can't do for them or do too much of is minor compared to kids with real issues like abuse or neglect. Give yourself a break lovely one - you're doing a great job and your kids are thriving. x

  6. Anonymous5:28 am

    Congrats on the daycare snag! You can't feel guilty about having a little time to yourself. It helps keep you sane and in tern makes you a better mother. So you are doing it for them!

  7. guilt will rid you of great moments. its killing me at the moment. poor annie doesnt get a look in with tom and these hour long breast feeds. you will not know yourself when she starts childcare. and although she may cry, hang in there. in the long run it will be better for her (she will love the toys and games and kids) and better for you. I notice I am always a better mum on wednesday when i have tuesday off to take a breath. good luck with orientation!!

  8. It's amusing that while everyone around me dishes compliments about how good I look pregnant, how gorgeous the kids are, how organised I must be to work 4 days a week and still run a household and how healthily we manage to eat though I'm not home all day, all I have to do is stuff up once during the week, and the mother-guilt lays me flat for days. Who needs enemies when you can be your own worst one? Your girls are just gorgeous x

  9. Nice to hear things are getting better. It is so hard at times but the great thing is to know that there are so many other mums out there who are doing it hard too but they get through it.
    Mine are 7 months and 26 months and I've found that when one issue / phase stops, another starts! We just cope better perhaps?
    The weather is suppose to be so much better this week so at least we can get outside!

  10. Is that a new lens? 50mm? Am itching to get one too for crispier images. Am sick of the blur on my current lens.

  11. nice spotting, miss cinti! yep, new lens. i got a 35 mm and it's quite lovely but i had a 50mm for my old nikon and it was really, really great. highly recommended. you can check out my 35 mm tomorrow!


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