Thursday 12 November 2009

yarraville market::this weekend

and let the market chaos begin! i will be at the yarraville market this saturday and it marks the first of five straight weekends of melbourne markets for me. bring it on... for those of you out of town, don't despair, i will be doing an update of my etsy shop on december 1st but please contact me if there is something specific you are hoping for, i have no idea how much stock i will have available by then (and still have two markets after that - yikes!).

new fleurs

some happy new fleurs ready for loving homes, they'll be joining me on saturday, with plenty of pals : )


  1. Hope you have a great day Leslie!

  2. gorgeous! I wish I new about them when my little messyfish was younger!

  3. ooh, I'm in Melbourne this weekend, well actually now. I've got plans to go to quilt market in the morning but I'll see if I can come via the markets in the arvo. I would love to meet you and see you lovely things in person!

  4. All the best for all your markets !

  5. Good luck Leslie!!
    I started my first quilt today!

    How do you do it girl? You must have helper monkeys...

  6. I was thinking the same thing as Christine. How DO you do it? I have a six year old and a five month old. My sewing machine is sorely neglected these days.
    What's your secret? Do you have a time machine? I need to know how you get all these beautiful things done!

    Love it all.

  7. I love those fleurs - they are so bright and happy!


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