Monday 16 November 2009

all good

custom oobee
custom well dressed oobee for a little girl born six weeks early. hope this one keeps her good company until she can go home...

a good start to my markets on saturday. it was quiet but i had good sales and lots of friends come by to pass the time, including birthday girl, bec, and the super lovely belinda, all the way from sydney! the colour blocks were a hit which made me very happy. i love those little blocks and they had such a good response here but you just never know how that is going to translate into sales. luckily they were well received : ) i came home to a blissfully empty house as shane and mae spent saturday night in bendigo visiting family. home alone for a whole. night. and. day. what a serious luxury. baxy and i had popcorn for dinner (okay, bax only had four pieces), chilled out and stuffed some toys in front of trash tv, had a good sleep and then were up early to get some more market stock made. when i set up my stall on saturday, i realised how little i really have prepared. and still four markets to go. one of them three days long.


so yes, sunday was spent busting my ass trying to get some more baby oobee sleepy sets and colour blocks made, finishing some oobees in progress and binding a cot quilt that has been waiting for weeks. i'm feeling slightly more confident now but i think there is going to be panic sewing between every market anyway. which is a good thing. all good.


  1. lovely, custom mader for your little friend. Nice for her to have an oobee with her

  2. I looooove this little oobee...soooo lovely with beautiful in love

  3. was lovely to come past, say hello & see your gorgeous products in person. that soft pink quilt is very tempting :)

  4. Glad to hear the market went well, I'm sure the others will too, what you make is beautiful.

  5. I was a purchaser of a set of the coloured blocks. I love them so!! I promised you that I'd be back for more at one of your upcoming markets (I'll just have to do it at one of them when I'm not with my best friend as I want to gift them to her new babe due early Feb).

    I'm really enjoying your goodies and blog. Much Thanks :)

    Jen in Melbourne


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