Friday 1 May 2009

it's so early

mae slept through the night! for the third time in as many weeks! BUT. she then wants to get up just after 5am, be boisterously cute for an hour or so and then crash back down for a nap. leaving me already caffeinated up and wide awake but awake in that zombie-like, blank stare kinda way. does give me time to actually write a blog post though and that's something.

so what's new?

let's start with maesey: she's a mean, lean crawling machine. still doing the commando and i think she could give those army guys a run for their money in speed. she gets up on her hands and knees but doesn't seem to want to move around that way. she spends a lot of time cruising around and sitting up on her knees to grab at stuff. she is into everything. very curious, especially about things that are kept out of her reach. she's pulled herself up to standing twice so far which seems amazing to me. she is so little still but so big at the same time. and chatty. woah, is she chatty!

"the sock."
(excuse the hideous tiles, faux wood panelling and baxy nose smudges on the glass. most of my photos are taken in the unrenovated half of our house which depresses me. but the thought of renovating depresses me too. so much work ahead of us!) (and yes, the fauxhawk is still going strong.)

that's all the news from me today, methinks. i am tired. and pondering crawling back into bed, even with the caffeine buzz. you know she'll wake up as soon as i do though, that little monkey.


  1. My eldest, Ella, did the commando crawl. And very efficiently too. Becuase they say that the cross over motion of proper crawling is so important for brain development and reading I wanted her to crawl. I was concerned she was going to go straight to walking.

    Solution: for two days I popped a soft ball or little balloon (not blown up properly) in her jumpsuit,like a fat tummy. Everytime she went to flop to the ground, she couldn't. Within two days she was crawling...and a lot happier for it!

    Mae is gorgoues by the way.

  2. Anonymous7:58 am

    My little one does the ridiculously early wake time too. Mae's face looks so grown up in the third picture. She's such a cutie...

  3. what a great sequence of photos, totally captures the crawling baby's desire to get the object!

  4. What a cutie pie! Wasn't she just born? Have I been gone that long? Great photos!

  5. Ah the 5s. We were up in the 5s for 10 years! That's more depressing than unrenovated anything.

    Now I love being up in the 5s...go figure.

  6. Anonymous11:19 am

    Mae has got so big - love the fauxhawk! I sympathise with photos in unrenovated (parts of) houses - I'm convinced it's not third-baby-syndrome that's stopped me taking photos of #3, but crappy-carpet-and-unpainted-walls-syndrome!

  7. My goodness, I feel like i'm ready my own life story. My daughter Ellie is doing the exact same things at the moment, right down to that super-fast commando and waking at the first chirp of a bird. Even those pictures of her holding the sock above her head are SO similar! Love it!

  8. She is absolutely gorgeous. My own commando crawled because, I think, we had wooden floors, but the minute we got carpet Jess crawled on hands and knees. Maybe the floor is too hard on the knees?

  9. bad, bad maesey... so cute and early to rise...

    got more fabric in the mail today!
    i'm starting your pile.

  10. Scout is 16 months and STILL commando crawling. EVERYWHERE. She's fast as a rocket! She did take her first steps this week, pretty exciting. But I have to say, I love the commando. So cute.

    Love your gorgeous photos. x

  11. At least she's cute :) It helps make it somewhat less painful.

  12. Gorgeous photos

  13. Wow, how adorable are these pictures!?!?! I cannot believe how much she has already grown, and that soon she will be walking and talking ... very soon, by the sound of it! What a sweet smile and bright personality she has.

  14. great set of photos. they tell the cutiest little story :) i'm hearing the need for coffee. it's like gold to me these days!!!

  15. so cute! I love the hair!!!! my two are still commando crawling and I have to keep a close eye on who goes where! they are always off and always find something to put in their mouth!

    we have cork on our kitchen floor, wood panelling in our bathroom and kitchen ceilings but walk upstairs and its all lovely and new!!!!! one day one day one day!



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