Sunday 26 April 2009


stack o' fleur petals

a little over three weeks until magnolia square and i'm in full production mode. every mae napping moment i spend cutting, pinning, sewing, ironing, trying to get enough stock made up for a three day sales event. actually i'm hoping to make more than i need, hoping to have some backstock to keep my etsy shop going over the winter (aussie winter) so i can work on patterns and quilt (and maybe a quilt pattern!). i have a few things up my sleeve that i want to offer as patterns but writing them up, especially with diagrams and photographs, takes me such a long time. time that i just haven't had for ages it seems. which is all good, really. i love having a goal in mind, something to work towards. doing markets the past six months has been wonderful and i still get that deep down belly thrill when i'm faced with a table absolutely laden with fabric bits and hunks and piles, the beginning of so many creations, as it is now.

the above stack are a small portion of the over 300 fluer petals i cut out over the weekend. the 300 fleur petals that i cut out using THE WRONG SIZED TEMPLATE. yep. that's right. so instead of having 12 small petals or 8 large ones, this batch of fleurs will have 10 medium ones. whew. now off to sew their faces up while mae naps. (she got me up at 6:15am this morning and then decided an hour later that perhaps she had made a mistake. back to bed she went and, of course, i'm wide awake now.) (she does have ALL FOUR top front teeth making their way into her wee mouth so i'll pretty much forgive the poor little mite anything right now.) (must do a maesey post soon, she is pretty bloody amazing these days.)

updated to add:: i can't believe i forgot to link to christie, maker of mae's gorgeous fabric ball and all things great in general, in my last post! go check out her blog, she is truly an inspiration.


  1. Sounds like you'll be pretty busy over the coming weeks - if you need a hand (with the basics) let me know, I hope to pop into Magnolia while it's on.

  2. Look forward to a quilty pattern coming out one day... I'll definitely snaffle that up.

  3. I'm thinking THREE HUNDRED of the wrong size fleur petals is just a very, very, right, different sized quilt.

  4. hi! i was lucky enough to get to the brisbane stitches and craft show today where i stumbled upon back issue of homespun magazine, featuring your gorgeous fleur palymat- it is just divine! i have blogged about it (and your etsy shop) over at

    Hope you dont your blog!!



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