Saturday 2 May 2009

good saturday

rosa pomar ribbon

i made a dash over to patchwork on central park this morning to check out their 20-50% off sale and discovered all sorts of amazing treats. they have heaps of rosa pomar ribbon so i grabbed a meter of each of the above (and am sort of wishing i'd gotten more...) to make mae some lazy day skirts. i also picked up assorted fabric goodies, the most exciting of which...

new fabric

that pink cuteness up there is by heather ross for munki munki and features gorgeous little ice cream trucks!! : ) i'd drooled over some heather ross for munki munki fabric at reprodepot awhile ago but at $25 US per half yard, i just couldn't justify it. i didn't get how huge this fabric is though, it's super duper wide and, at $40 a meter at patchwork on central, a half meter is just perfect to make mae a little dress (someday). plus it was 20% off today so it was a complete bargain - yay!


  1. Lucky you I really want some of the munki munki fabric

  2. Lazy Days Skirts are just the ticket for that gorgeous ribbon! Sometimes I wish I could be a small person again - at least to be able to get away with elasticated waist fashion and teapot and elephant prints.

  3. Oooh I wish I had read this earlier! :) Lovely ribbon. I am saving mine for something super special.

  4. damn! i wish i could get that heather ross fabric on sale
    i was eyeing it reprodepot thinking the same thing
    love everything you got
    thanks for the eye candy!

  5. love everything... how lucky of you to have local stores that carry such amazing things like rosa pomar ribbons and the ice cream trucks fabric, WOW!!!!!!
    I'll be waiting to see those lazy day skirts on little mae.

  6. So bummed, I got their email but it was Ella's fete all day Saturday so I simply couldn't get there. Having said that, probably a good thing in the end!

  7. Great scores! I love it all. I adore Patchwork on Central Park, and usually have a big blowout there whenever I go to Melbourne! I only wish I were closer...
    I just started following your blog - I love your stuff, and your little Mae is about the same age as my little Riley (now 9 1/2 months). She is gorgeous, and so nice to read about her adventures! I look forward to following your blog.

  8. I was at patchwork on Saturday too! I'm a little too obsessed with that shop....I love the ribbons that you bought, so pretty.

  9. Oh lucky you, there are some real goodies there!


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