Thursday 28 May 2009

comment who hah

so you may have noticed that i changed my comment area? and now have changed it back? kirsty put me onto js kit comments, a widget that is supposed to make blogger comments formatted more like the ones in typepad - you know, able to reply to specific commenters and all that. well, i'm sorry to say that i've had nothing but annoyance from this widget and have had to get rid of it. my aplologies if you got random replies showing up in your mailbox from my comments lately (won't happen again) and i'm extra sorry that i have lost everyone's comments from my last post! i did get to read them, through the js kit moderation page (even though comments were supposed to show up automatically and not have me approve each one but whatever) but when i approved them, they just disappeared into the ether. bah, js kit comments! i shake my fist at you.

i know there were some questions about the fabrics i showed in my last post, one about where i buy my fabric that i can answer - i included a list of places online and in melbourne where i usually shop in a post awhile back, you can find it here. but there were also a couple wanting to know what specific designs were and i can't remember which ones - can you drop me another comment and i'll let you know. thank you!!


  1. Perhaps we could just lobby Blogger for a more interactive comments platform. Or tell them we'll all desert for Typepad. (Not that I like typepad in general...)

  2. Thanks SO much for the links! Can't wait till I move to Melbourne...5 weeks to go!

  3. Oh no! I've given them another go - maybe a bad idea?

  4. Hi Les, I wanted to comment the other day about your new items. Baby Oobees = total cuteness!!! I want one ... strike that, I want ten!!! They are adorable, and such a great addition to the Oobee family. Also, the Winter Oobees are gorgeous, and I think the scarves are also wonderful (if made for adults, I would definitely wear one). Nice work, you are really on a creative roll!!!
    Luv S

  5. Hi Leslie. I had asked about the fabric on the bottom row, third from left but I have since discovered that it's a Sandi Henderson print and that as well as being available in the gorgeous pink you pictured it's also available in yellow and orange! You always have the most amazing fabrics in your creations. I think we need to see your full stash!

  6. Anonymous7:34 am

    Hi Leslie
    I found your blog recently and have to tell you how gorgeous all your products the sweet baby oobees. I would like to start making handmade products for sale and was wondering if you would mind telling me who you got to design/make your lovely woven label?
    Kind Regards

  7. sam - so glad that you got the fabric name you were after! the pink is one of my all time favs, i just ordered another yard as my stocks are getting low : )

    susan - a couple of months ago i wrote a post where i answered a bunch of common questions, including the one about the labels, you can find the info you're looking for here please let me know if you have any other questions!


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