Monday 1 June 2009


last week the always lovely (and quite funny. cute, too!) ladies of ink & spindle tagged me as one of the blogs they love in their "awe-summmm" meme. the rules are that i have to list seven things that make me awesome and then tag seven blogs that i think are awesome. awesome.

1:: i wore my favourite pair of pre-pregancy jeans last friday FOR THE FIRST TIME since becoming all round. so happy. so, SO happy! still have a bit o' chub to loose around the hips but at least i can stop kicking myself for all those cheeseburgers i ate while pregnant.

2:: i have a dachshund. weiner dog to the canadians, sausage dog to the aussies. he's good stuff.

3:: i'm really, really good at finding bargains. i like bargains. today mae and i stopped at spotlight and discovered a bin of patterns, $5 each or 10 for $20. i bought ten, of course.

4:: i'm going to give away two of the patterns i bought later this week. check back to enter!

5:: i think i'm getting better at this mothering thing. better every day. or mae's getting easier. whichever, it's certainly good fun around here lately, aside from the odd anti-nap day.

6:: my baby oobees were featured on ohdeedoh the other day!

7:: i finally updated my shop, for the first time in AGES! there is a little bit of everything on offer, except quilts. i still need to work out a way to show the quilts and photographing them in this winter light is an extra challenge. i'll get back to you on that one, in the meantime, go check out the new stuff! (ps. the aussie dollar has climbed back a bit so the prices shown in my shop now translate to almost exactly the same amount that i charge in aussie dollars so go forth and order online)

june shop update

now, onto listing seven blogs that i think are awesome. this is always the hard part - i read so many blogs (or skim them now that computer time is a bit limited. sorry for my lack of comments, folks) and love each of them for their humour or inspiration or spirit. i'm just going to blurt out a quick list of real life and twitter peeps to make it easier:


flip & bells


my poppet

jelly baby

pigeon pair




dudes, you're awesome. and you're it. (and yes, i blurted out eight.)


  1. Awesome!

    Such a leslie word :-)

    Good list

    I think you and your blog are awesome too x x x

  2. I have always wanted a sausage dog!

  3. Great list and I love the additions to the store - beautiful!

  4. Thanks for mentioning me, I'm really touched. Everything you do is beautiful and I find you completely inspirational.x.

  5. thanks lady! you're blog awesome, too x

  6. #5: you are a GREAT mummy :)
    love the new stuff too.

  7. I definitely think your awesome, and then some. Aw shucks big ups to you too.

    LOVING the look of all the gorgeous new goodies in your shop.

    I love finding bargains too. But that Spotlight bargain, that is the bomb! WOW!

    And as for mothering, I think you just continue to get more and more comfortable with it. Some days I think I am terrible, some days are gold.

  8. Awwww...thanks Leslie. Onegirl is a firm fave of mine.

  9. Anonymous1:30 am

    thank you for the inspiration. will go and visit all the blogs now

  10. You are Awesome! and a fantastic mum too...Love your work
    xx cinti & Emma

  11. I got all excited, jumped straight to the shop...and someone's beaten me to both baby oobees. Oh well...

  12. I'll tell you what's awesome - Warner the Oobee that arrived in the post this morning! (Not sure what it is about Aussie post vs. US post but it always arrives so fast from your part of the world.)I love this little creature - almost as much as I love my brand new baby boy born last Thursday whom I had in mind when I bought the Oobee. It's almost as big as him! Thanks Leslie.

  13. love love lovin your darling plush toys!


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