Wednesday 27 May 2009

to dos

red pink quilt

been meaning to write a market round up all week but my to do list is ridiculously long this week - how can that be? oh right. i put everything off for market prep the last couple of weeks and now it's all caught up with me. i have passports to apply for (for mae), a market to organise (more on that soon), quilts to work on (including the red and pink one above - yay!), stock to photograph and add to my etsy shop by june 1. busy, busy, busy.

anyway, magnolia square was good fun. thursday and friday were a bit slow but it picked up on saturday. may is a weird shopping time, i think. no special occasions in sight, chilly weather, economic crisis. whatever the reason, i had plenty of time to get to know my lovely stall neighbours and catch up with all my buddies who came by for a visit. and i sold some quilts so that's always a good thing. it means i can make MORE! oh and the scarves, the scarves were a hit. i'll definitely be making more of those (hear that, ink & spindle ladies? keep saving that selvedge for me! xox) i have three custom quilt orders to finish up, all of which i'm looking forward to, and then a quilt pattern i want to draft up. and then, then i can work through all the quilty ideas i have brewing in my mind and make up a bunch for the christmas shows. ah, so good...

so many plans. to dos.

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