Monday 27 October 2008

happy 12 weeks

me and mae

maesey mae,

twelve weeks ago, we brought you home from the hospital. the first few weeks were terrifying, i hate to admit. i worried that you weren't getting enough food, that you were unhappy, that you were in pain, that maybe you were just possessed by the devil (hey, five straight hours of scream crying makes you wonder)... and then, little by little, day by day, things got better. you started to look around, take things in, give fleeting, tentative smiles, one day, to my utter surprise and heart stopping delight, you gave a big, hearty laugh. and i can truly say that the last four or five weeks have been, on the whole, just wonderful. you smile and chatter away throughout the day, little coos and laughs, chuckles and mini screams of delight and i just sit and watch you in wonder. it's getting easier and easier to get a laugh out of you, a raspberry on the tummy or a particularly vigorous side to side shake of your lower body while i try to get your little pants onto you usually does the trick. you're a bit suspicious of the camera lately, though, and when i pull it out to try and get a shot of your grins, you just give me the very familiar quizzical furrowed brow. for some reason you love to look at the light reflecting off of the vintage bread box we use to store odds and ends - you'll talk to it like it's your best friend that you haven't seen for weeks.

we go for long walks in the park down the street, where baxy can go off leash, almost everyday or sometimes on little jaunts to the local post office. last week was your first experience with sitting up in the pram, not lying down in the little cocoon that attaches to it, and you absolutely love to look around. you used to fuss and cry for a little bit before falling asleep on our walks but now you're so happy just to check everything out, although you're still usually asleep by the time we get home. you're pretty good at napping, sometimes surprising me with a lovely three hour stretch, which leaves both of us refreshed and in a great mood. because, baby, when you get overtired you're still quite a handful!

the colour of your eyes is a constant source of discussion around here. when you were born they were the most amazing shade of dark grey with just a hint of lavender. i've tried on so many occasions to catch the colour with the camera but it never quite gets it quite right, the depth and gorgeousness of that grey. for the past couple of weeks your father and i thought that your eyes were showing hints of changing to green, like mine but this week, i'm pretty convinced that they are heading towards brown, like your dad. my brown eyed girl. and as your little fuzzy hair grows, it's looking like it might have a bit of a wave to it which thrills me to bits - i'll be so happy if you end up with your father's gorgeous curls.

i love staying home with you, wee one, i wouldn't have it any other way. the days just fly by in a series of nappy changes, cuddles and gazing at your little face. i'm heeding the advice of so many other mothers and really trying to be aware of each moment i have with you, savouring these weeks as you change and grow and i get to know your sweet self.



  1. Can you believe it has been 12 weeks?

    That's 3 months!

    It is so lovely to have read your progress to this point because it really is a magical time (it changes but it doesn't stop....the magic of watching a child grow, of 'growing a child up' as my NT Aboriginal friends say)

  2. Anonymous3:08 am

    She´s SOoooooooooooooo sweet!!! Your daughter is a love, congratulations.

    All the best*

  3. time flies...
    thanks for the great read, it's lovely to read how days with a newborn are spent...

  4. oh gawd. so emotional at the moment and reading that beautiful letter has me glassy eyed! Mind you, Sophie lent me a choice review on prams and I was so touched I teared up!

    What a lovely letter to your little girl. It's such a lovely thought, I've been thinking about doing it too. I wanna see those eyes soon!!!

    xx em

  5. Anonymous10:37 am

    thanks, leslie.
    i was reading this and remembering these early precious moments of my two little ones.
    thank you!
    [and so pleased things have settled down and you can enjoy the moments, too]

  6. Awwwwwh.... sweet all round :) very happy for you and your gorgeous baby. She's a sweetie for sure.

  7. Aw, bugger - now I'm all misty eyed and wanting to rush and give my boys a hug. A gorgeous post - such simplicity really lays it bare just how special - and how hard - and how wonderful - it is to be a Mum :) Enjoy!

  8. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Sweet Baby Love - nothing else like it. Enjoy your cherub x

  9. You sound like a lovely Mum! She's a lucky bub.

  10. What a lovely pair!!! It is a treat to hear about your experiences with little Mae, who is truly such a darling little gal.

  11. the sweetness is killing me...almost makes me want to have another one...sigh....

  12. This is just the sweetest little note. She is too precious!

  13. Anonymous1:59 pm

    I am a lurker and have finally decided to come out of hiding. *shy* You simply touched my heart with your note to your beautiful baby. It makes me want to have another and I already have two! Bless you for sharing your magic. You sound like an amazing mother.

  14. I am totally in love~ Also in love with four blue babies of my own, those pink ones have eluded me and fascinate me all the same. I am so happy for you and that precious little treasure.

  15. That is the most beautiful post i have read so far since i have starting blogging. It has made me soo happy, excited and scared all at the same time about having a baby! How wonderful, thanks for sharing your happiness.

  16. ohhhhhh how sweet! we made it to 3 months yesterday and time has flown by I can't believe it!


  17. i absolutely love this post. it has made me teary eyed, to say the least. I think, that it is so special to capture a little of these days of you and your little new one. Already my little daughter is 20 months old and the time has flown by so quickly. Every day I am so eternally grateful that i can simply be with her. too.

    thank you for sharing this, and bringing back my own joys and memories, xo sharilyn

  18. This letter is beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing!

  19. Wow that was so nice and special. Brought a tear to my eye. I'm so much more emotional now with child!
    And the photo too... I love the look on your face.
    Your bub seems so much more developed than mine, and yet it really is only two months difference. They really do change and grow so quickly don't they?

    And oh I know your fear. I am getting better each day but it's such a strange new experience with sooo much responsibility that it seems overwhelming sometimes. But oh-so worth it :)


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