Saturday 25 October 2008

pretty in pink (by request)

it's my big sister's birthday today and her one birthday wish was to see her niece in something pink for a change. it's true, maesey does have a lot of blue in her wardrobe - it's my favourite colour, after all - and the fact that she looks a wee bit like a boy doesn't help. in fact, the doctor who took her one day old stats at the hospital exclaimed, "oh, it's a girl - she looks like a boy!" (not very diplomatic for a maternity doctor, she's running the risk of a hormonal backlash with comments like that). just yesterday, when i took her for her first pram ride around the supermarket, wearing a full pink onesie, her toes covered in a pink blanket and clutching her very pastel coloured oobee blankee, an older gentleman exclaimed (with the best of intentions, i'm sure), "HE's not missing a thing, just looking around at everything!"

so, without further adeiu, and with the very happiest birthday wishes to my lovely sis, here is mae, trying to look as girly as she can...

in pink, by request


with her oobee blankee


  1. She is gorgeous! I have the same problem. Eva is very bald and hardly ever wears pink and she is often called a boy.

  2. Anonymous12:41 pm

    No, I think she has very big beautiful girly-eyes, and the rosey cheeks! I recently have a new cousin (hard to tell the gender by the picture on Flikr)

  3. so cute!

    don't worry about the boy/girl thing, everyone thought that my son was a girl & my daughter a boy no matter what I dressed them in!!

  4. Anonymous6:42 pm

    what a doll!
    my son is nearly four and gets called a girl almost daily!

  5. Don't worry! Once I had my daughter all in pink (unusual) but with a blue dummy and an old lady said "Oh, I thought she was a boy because of the blue" You can't win whatever you do and for the record I think she looks very much a girl. She's gorgeous.

  6. My daughter was called 'a boy' on her first trip into town after she came home from the hospital. My mother was so horrified she went straight home and sewed flowers onto her little blue kniited hat.

  7. Anonymous7:39 am

    i don't really think she looks like a boy! she's really sweet!!

    and i don't think babies need to be put in all pink or all blue for the benefit of strangers who then can go 'what a cute boy/girl!'... they are babies! and they should wear their mothers favourite colours until they have their own favourite colours! err, within limits. i think i would still discourage my girl to wear excessive amounts of pink, and i hate pale purple!

    my friend's little boy loves pink! she's having a hard time distracting him from pink. he picked some pink wool for a scarf he wants her to make (he's 3) so now she's looking for brown and other colours to go with it, so she might get away with very little pink in it...

  8. Anonymous7:48 am

    Happy Birthday, Heather!!! I was thinking of you yesterday.

    That sure is one super cute niece you've got.

    Hope you had a great day.

  9. Anonymous3:25 am

    Thanks Les! Mae is PERFECT! Love her! Mom and I went nuts at Old Navy yesterday and literally bought 20 pieces of clothing - it was just so insanely cheap! Anyway, thank you again for the "pink" outfit and the birthday wishes.
    Love you lots,


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