Monday 3 November 2008

so much to think about

i've been meaning to write a post everyday this week, about an of array finished projects, my little garden, and a strange and frustrating leg muscle malady that has been bothering me but instead, now that i finally have time, i want to direct you to another blog. one full of links and stories that will make you sad, introspective, maybe even a bit teary but will certainly force you to appreciate the often overlooked things in life, like being healthy, capable, alive, loved (as i type this, mae is in her nursery, supposedly having a nap but i can hear gurgles and giggles echoing off the walls - i am so supremely appreciative).

jen, who many of you will be familiar with from her shop beebee mod, has started a new blog called pass it on, to share information and try to help people, families, fellow bloggers in need (you can read her first post here, which sums up pass it on perfectly). beginning on november 1st, jen is running a Month of Giving at both and her etsy shop, where each week 50% of all purchases will be given to a chosen family in need or charity. you can read more about which charities jen has chosen at pass it on, and believe me, once you hear these stories and see jen's gorgeous wares, you'll be digging deep to help out. to me, it's the perfect way to get some wonderful gifts (she even has FABRIC) and feel like you're making a difference in somebody's life, however small.

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  1. Thank you lovely lady for spreading the word about my little project! xo


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