Saturday 6 September 2008

bits and pieces

i have lots to catch up on around here and it just seems so hard to find the time or energy to post about the many things i could be. mae is having great days and not so great days these last two weeks, with nothing i can pinpoint that indicates what type each day will be. we had our visit with the doctor last week and he prescribed losec for her reflux. we'd been having good days with her before we started giving it to her and then as soon as she got her first dose, the screaming baby returned. we persevered for 5 days with the losec, which seemed to give mae terrible tummy pains and tons o' gas, before i pulled the plug. the first day off the losec she was still a bit grizzly but the next two days, this past wednesday and thursday, she was happy, sleepy and hungry, just what a good baby should be. only to be followed up by a pretty unsettled friday and a three hour scream crying jag between 2am and 5am last night. so i don't know, i think she's just a slightly colicky baby with a digestive tract that's not quite up to the job yet. we'll just ride out the bad days and hope for more good ones 'cause damn she's cute when she's good...

pure cuteness

pure cuteness

i finally got a chance to photograph some goodies for the shop yesterday while my mom got her last cuddles in with the baby (she is on her way back to canada right now and will be sorely missed). all the well dressed oobees are ready to go online but i still need to take pics of some quilted cushion covers and the oobee blankees but here is a sneak peak...

for the blog

and i haven't forgotten about the blankee prototype giveaway - thank you so much to everyone who contributed their birth stories! i've really been enjoying them and still have a few to get through but i drew two names last night and the lucky recipients are Lara and h&b. it worked out pretty well, too, as lara has a baby girl and h&b has boys so there is no pink and blue issue to contend with : )


  1. Your little Mae is very cute - I don't normally give out advice but this time I thought I would as I have somebody very close to me who had a baby just before you did and they had the same problem with the screaming - she too was prescribed losec but as she was breastfeeding as well she went off dairy products as well. She is now off Losec and dairy and she now has a very content baby. Please feel free to disregard this - at least you might feel like you are not the only one struggling with a screaming baby.

    Hope everything goes well for you and Mae in the next few weeks and you can get a bit more sleep.

  2. The first 12 weeks are the longest, after that everything eases up. My bubba had relux, colic and constipation - I know your pacing pain.

  3. she is a real sweetie, pace yourself now that your mum is leaving, remaining calm with a screaming baby requires a whole world of endurance!

  4. Anonymous10:02 pm

    We had (have) a reflux baby too. And I was dairy free for her first 9 months, seemed to help her incredibly. She still screamed a fair amount more than our first daughter though. She's 9 months old now and a delight to be around. Believe me that it doesn't feel like it now but this time will be over before you know it. It hit me like a ton of bricks with my first newborn, I don't think I had ever really been around one. But they get bigger and change so much. She's absolutely adorable, the sweetest. Give her lots of snuggles and love because soon she will be crawling and want nothing to do with snuggling!

  5. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Does it help if you have her sit up for 20 minutes after feeding her? Because one of the ladies just brought her grandbaby in to the library and she had reflux and that's what they did.

    You've been getting the cutest pictures of her. I love the one's where she's looking up and over, like she's pondering great mysteries that are just off frame.

  6. Anonymous11:27 pm

    The Obees looks great!

    I have a friend who had the exact same thing with her first born. She had to go off all Cow-dairy while breast feeding. And her baby had it extreme- no butter! (i.e. no cookies or muffins made with butter) soon as she gave up the cow dairy, all was well(She could still have sheep / goat dairy).

    Keep us posted on little Mae, she's beautiful. I love her big eyes!

  7. Hi Leslie -- What my pediatrician had told us is that their intestines are getting colonized by bacteria right now, which we all need in order to survive, but that it's pretty uncomfortable for them. She said that the crying peaked at 6 weeks, and then should be gone by 3 months. When she told us this at 2 weeks, I thought I was going to die. Sure enough, Hayden had her "witching hour" from 4pm-7pm every day, and we lived in fear of it. But we mastered breast feeding around 5 weeks, and that began providing her with some comfort. Walking her in the sling also really helped a lot -- I think we just didn't realize that she needed a later afternoon nap, and she was overtired and cranky. Then sure enough, the crying did taper off at 6 weeks, dropping to about an hour from 5pm-6pm, ad by the time she was 8 weeks old it was a thing of the past. So hang in there! You'll see marked improvement very soon :-)

  8. Mae is beautiful and very alert. Hang in there - the crying does stop!

  9. She does look lovely - making it hard to believe she could be anything but quiet and content !

    I'm so excited to win the blankee prototype - my first blogwin !
    thankyou - my littlest will *love* it.

    Wishing you much rest :)

  10. oooooh she is SO cute! My what a lovely little bub.

    My sister's first baby was a lot like you described Mae as being, she found the sling worked wonders, for comfort and also for keeping her slightly inclined.

    Just a thought.

  11. She is so cute, such big bright eyes. Matilda is a little bit like you describe - either asleep or crying most of the time but in the last week she seems to have just become a little bit more comfortable and happier, I don't know if it's just an age thing or what has happened. During the day I can't get her to go down in the cot for naps much but she does love being upright in the baby bjorn and she'll sleep in that. She gets a bit vomitty and windy so I think being upright makes her feel better too. Who knows though... some days and nights she seems to be doing well and on a routine and then the day after it can all change. Hope you're going well without your mum!

  12. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Such a hard time, I know. My first was much the same. And I second (or third?!) the sling idea - our first sling was a Hug-a-Bub, and it was a *lifesaver* in some of those early weeks.
    Mae is adorable. I hope everything improves soon for you all.

  13. Anonymous10:23 pm

    The first couple months after having the baby is difficult. Every time my baby boy and I got into a routine, the pattern would change. Now at 7 months it's still changing :-) I think the key is to stay flexible and just roll with it. I found that I wasn't able to get anything done in the evenings after a busy day and I was tired. So now I go to bed early and wake up at 4am when I know the baby will stay asleep for 4 more hours. Only the cats are awake with me. It's great!

  14. Anonymous7:01 am

    sadie was the cryingest, screamingest, most colicky, constipated, screamy-screamerson from birth to 4 months. no sling, swing, or bouncy chair would soothe her. she wouldn't sleep during the day. just 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there. her waking hours were spent crying. honestly, so were most of mine....
    then it ended. just like that.

    she is teething like mad and is almost 2 so there are plenty of tantrums that involve screaming and yelling that would drown out 10 colicky infants! but in between those tantrums there is playing in her little kitchen, dressing her little baby and playing catch with her papa. learning new words, reading books and singing in the back seat of the car. it's pretty cool. and it just keeps getting cooler. yup.

  15. Anonymous8:06 am

    oh she's so adorable!! so alert!

    i have no advice for you, it's all still ahead of me!!

  16. My little guy was VERY colicky. I dreaded leaving the house because of his constant crying and ... well ... being a first time mom I think I stress out a lot. Once he turned 4 months old it suddenly ended :)

    p.s. What sweet pictures of your little girl and I love the new oobees!

  17. Anonymous3:12 am

    what a sweetheart! have you considered that she might be allergic to your milk? the only reason i ask is because one of my brothers and i were both allergic. it seems too ridiculous to be possible, but it happens. she's probably just colicky though, and i'm really sorry you, shane, and especially mae are having to deal with that!

    love the pokadotted oobie!

  18. Anonymous5:11 am

    Hello! I recently came to canmore, AB to find your leather journals sold at the Two Wolves store, but the ladies there said they did not carry it anymore... : ( I just finished filling the last one I bought from onegirl and would love to learn how I can get my hands on another one. Do you sell them online somewhere? So curious to find out! My email is, I know you are busy with your beautiful little girl, but also wondered if you still made these available . Thank you!!!

    P.S she really is SOOOO Cute!!!

  19. Little Mae looks darling! I hope that she feels better though for her little sake and so you are able to get some sleep and things done :) Those oobees are lovely as always! :)

  20. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Mae is sweetness personified :-)

  21. Anonymous12:34 am

    Your daughter is so beautiful and expressive and lovely and sweet. Lots of happiness to her!

  22. OMG she is so adorable!! Look at her big eyes.

    Cute goodies as well.


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