Wednesday 27 August 2008


me and mae
me with maesey at one week. yes, i'm still looking slightly stunned that i have a baby.

well, we've made it to three and a half weeks, mae and i, but it sure hasn't been easy. turns out maesey has a bit of reflux which, when combined with an improper breastfeeding latch on that makes her only get the lactose heavy foremilk, meant we had hours and hours of heart breaking scream crying and flying baby fists a plenty for days on end. she was just getting worse and worse, to the point where she probably cried for 18 of the 24 hours of this past saturday and sunday, leaving shane, my mom and myself completely shattered. a lactation consultant came by on monday and got us sorted out with the proper attachment which is helping mae get all the high fat hindmilk she needs and already the past 48 hours have been sooooooo much better. she's actually sleeping in large chunks again and staying awake to have a look around for a bit without tears. she's still having fits of reflux though so we have a doctor's appointment for tomorrow to get some medication as well - i'm totally looking forward to seeing what kind of baby i have when the poor mite isn't in pain 'cause these little glimpses of happy baby are utterly charming and sweet. plus i might actually get to do something other than walking with the baby, listening to the baby cry from the other room if my mom or shane has her and wishing i was sleeping, feeding the baby or expressing milk which would make for far more exciting blog fodder. i've got my latest fat quarter shop fabric order all ironed and ready to be cut into as soon as i find a minute and plenty of finished oobees, blankees and fleurs ready to be photographed and added to the shop. i was hoping for a september 1st shop update and am still aiming for it but we'll see...

thanks again for all your sweet comments and feedback here and on flickr, sometimes you just need some encouraging and supportive words and they've really helped me these last few weeks.


  1. Anonymous3:58 pm

    I really feel for you. My first child had reflux diagnosed at 6 weeks. He cried all day, just like your Mae. Sometimes I couldn't even hold him when he was crying because he would claw and arch his back so strongly! I was exhausted from walking around constantly. He was given a medication called Zantac which changed him from the first dose..I couldn't believe it! So..hang in there, it can get better.

  2. I'm thinking of you and have been wondering how that little babe has been. The only way is up!

  3. Sounds like some trying times but Mae is a beauty and things are definitely getting better. Hang in there. You are looking great as a mum :)

  4. Looks like you are doing all the right things and have lots of support.Hang in there i promise it gets better:)

  5. Hang in there. I had a colicy screamer too and someone told me that all that extra time you put in patting and trying to console and just holding as they bawl, means you get a free pass through the teenage years.

    Waiting to see if it's true.

  6. Sounds like you've had a tough time...just remember it won't be like this forever.Best wishes.

  7. Good luck and it does get better. I promise :) I'm glad you have the support

  8. Anonymous6:15 pm

    i love the photo. love it. i really hope that the next little while goes better. much better. for all of you.

  9. Oh wow, that sounds rough! So glad to hear you are getting help from the LC and doctor, hopefully things will calm down soon. I've heard good things about Zantac from a few people with refluxy babies, so hopefully it (or whatever else is recommended) will work wonders for Mae too.
    Take care xx

  10. Sending lots of love & hoping your sweet girl finds some relief soon.

  11. You look beautiful!! It will get better soon, it feels like it wont but it will!! Well done!

  12. Anonymous9:39 pm

    reflux is nasty. My osteo worked wonders on M, never had to medicate her. Glad you got attachment sorted, that can be tricky at first.

  13. Hang in there, Leslie! I *promise* that one day you will look back and think, "Wow ... it was so different then!" Until then -- heh -- pump some extra so you can try to get some sleep, even if it means crashing on a friend's couch for a few hours, so you don't get depressed on top of sleep-deprived, etc. Getting the latch sorted out will continue to help a lot. Best wishes and hugs to you all...

  14. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Oh no, you poor thing!
    I can definitely relate. It seriously feels like one long exhausting day doesn't and night merge into one long blur. My first had reflux and we were in a local 'mother and baby unit' by 6weeks to get her medication sorted and to get some rest/perspective! (We tried Zantac, but Losec was what eventually worked for us).

    It was a terribly tough time, especially combined with the sleep deprivation, breastfeeding and all the other stresses new motherhood brings. Very emotional I found...and you feel quite helpless. Hang in does get much much better and you'll be spending loads more 'happy' time with your gorgeous little girl. (email me if you want any'll prob get bombarded!!)

    Lovely lovely photo there by the way :-)

  15. Anonymous10:47 pm

    I bet you are just exhausted! My now 9 month old was like that when she was born. Probably didn't cry quite that much but spent every evening crying for hours on end. It's one of the hardest things to deal with. I assure you it gets so much better though you probably know that. She is now 9 months old and a delightful little girl, super happy and lots of fun.

    We've done the reflux meds too, she's still on them. They make a big difference in her ability to sleep. She also couldn't handle me eating any dairy at all in my diet so if you have some excessive spitting that might be worth looking into!

    You both look great! She's beautiful. Congrats again and enjoy this time, it goes all too fast.

  16. Hang in there, Lester! I feel so bad for poor little Mae with her reflux, but it sounds like some helpful solutions are close at hand, and soon she will be feeling much better. The picture of the two of you is lovely, and you are both looking very well. Please say hello and best wishes to your mom and Shane for me! I miss you lots and wish I could be there to lend a hand!
    Luv Sarah

  17. so glad that things are on their was to be sorted out. who knew that an improper latch on could cause so much trouble? hope you get more of the sweet baby soon!

  18. Oh, my first was just like that. In hindsight, I'm sure he had reflux (and an intense personality) but never got it diagnosed (pediatrician totally blew me off) so I'd say the screaming lasted for at least eight months. It is truly awful. I hope things get better for you really soon.

  19. Anonymous2:24 am

    Well, you may feel tired...but you look fabulous!
    I have both a teenager and an infant. So the only person in my household with reflux right now is me :-)
    Just keep saying to yourself, "this too shall pass...this too shall pass..."
    At least until she's about 13 :-)

  20. Anonymous3:55 am

    Yikes, I know nothing of this, but I remember my sister's "latching on" stories with her first son. Once she ironed it out, it was smooth sailing (and easy breezy with the next 2 babies). Glad you guys got some help, pretty so little Mae will be charming the pants off of everyone!

  21. Anonymous4:07 am

    if i'd allow myself to be photographed at this moment, i'm super sure i'd have the same , "omg, i'm a mom" expression!

    here's hoping things continue on being good and that things are trending upwards. :)

  22. Our 1st babe was easy & slept lots & then #2 came along... She would cry & cry & cry & I didn't know what to do, I was so tired & stressed. It is such a hard time, lucky you are on to it early :-)

  23. hello!!!1 You both look wonderful in that photo. I'm sorry to hear that little Mae hasnt been well and it's causing all kinds of late night hysterics. Hopefully she will settle into a routine soon. I showed Dan the photo and we concluded that you look borderline like your left eye is about to twitch!! hehe

  24. What a gorgeous portrait! I can believe how good you look only a week after have the lovely Maesey

  25. That is one sweet baby! You'll not know yourself once the meds kick in. My first baby had reflux but once we got that sorted out it made the whole thing SO much easier. Good luck!

  26. Anonymous11:47 pm

    oh, mae is so cute. and you look good!

  27. Just hang in there, the first month is the hardest. I remember I so much wanted to breast feed and did, but by the end of first month, I was in such pain I was crying and ready to give up. My dear husband said, just give it a little longer, and with some lanolin, I got past it and nursed him for two years almost. Wonderful at night not to have to get up and do bottles.

    I also think it takes time to bond. I know you're meant to feel this instant attachment and you do, but that other little something takes time. And you think what's wrong with me, but it comes, or maybe that was just me.

  28. So glad there is such a thing as a lactation consultant nowadays. Wish it had been there for me. You two are looking so gorgeous. Peaceful times ahead!

  29. Have you sometimes can someone so small and cute make such a lot of noise?
    It may not help...but it does get easier. Take it from mum of 3 under 4yrs old.

  30. Anonymous7:27 am

    Congrats! For me, the hardest part was at the 3-5 week mark:: it gets easier! The baby has a learning curve too, and I remember is was around this time they really developed different cries for different needs. But WHAT A CUTE BABY! Holy-molly! you guys look great!

  31. Just hang in there. I hear the first month is absolutely the hardest anyway. Mae is super cute, and that is a great picture of the two of you!

  32. Anonymous6:20 pm

    maesey is really cute, even with the crying!! ^__^

    hope the condition gets better soon. my baby used to throw up milk a lot, but after a while, everything improves. =)


  33. Hi Les,
    I heard about this thing called an "Amby Baby hammock" which is supposed to totally rule for babies who have reflux. I think they're even from Australia. Granted you likely already know of this option, but I thought I'd send it your way, just in case!
    Hope you are having an awesome week, say hi to the rest of the crew for me!
    Luv S

  34. oh little mae. you pretty thing. and your mama, too!
    i remember the first days of me and luc. i had to remind myself {and still do} that he'd never done this before either. especially with nursing. we had to figure out our way of doing things. i bet the two of you are pros by now. i'm off to check out your flickr gallery and soak in a little mae-goodness!
    love, lindsay
    picked up the book "plush you" at the library the other day and was so happy to flip through and see the cutest oobee bears ever! how cool is that?!

  35. Anonymous8:14 am

    thanks for posting about this! i didn't realise that the latch could cause or cure reflux/colick! there's so much to know, i hope i'll remember it all for when it's my time, 5-10 weeks now (due in 8)
    hope you get through the hard time, she's such a cute baby, you look amazing considering, by the way!!


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