Sunday 13 July 2008

feeling somewhat better


awwww, thanks for the commiseration, sympathy and suggestions of helpful remedies, you guys! i wish i had the patience to track down each of your email addresses and write you back a sweet note (or that blogger would just do something useful and actually provide the option of replying to comments by email in the first place) but laziness is ruling these days and patience is in limited supply. my back is much better, still a throbbing ache and full on twinge every now and again but at least i can get around a bit - i even left the house on friday (needed thread and flannel from spotlight and chocolate from the safeway next door), imagine... i'm just taking it pretty easy with not much planned for the next few days short of bagel baking, picture frame sanding and painting (the salvation army in hoppers crossing is a gold mine of cheap wooden frames, by the way. they were my mission last saturday when i really did my back in), lunch with em on tuesday and an appointment at the hospital on wednesday, with plenty of naps in between. i wish each of you the bestest of sundays and hope that it's sunny wherever you are, the sun just peeked it's head out here in melbourne, amazing what a difference to mood it can make...


  1. Anonymous3:27 pm

    you look loverly.

  2. Hoping for a smooth & pain free last couple of weeks.

  3. Anonymous5:47 pm

    oh, look at you. you really are going to have a baby. soon. and you are adorable.

  4. Anonymous7:16 pm

    glad you're feeling better! i'm dreading the 3rd trimester, as so far i've been so lucky, i wonder what's in store for me! i'm amazed how much you're getting done, i'm hardly doing anything apart from go to work and maybe whip up a quick dinner... although i made a tiny knitted hat! did you have a tutorial up for a simple knitted hat? or am i imagining it...

  5. Anonymous9:17 pm

    What a nice reminder to get my own butt down to the Salvos in HC. I need to pick up a long term dry cleaning drop off from down that way, so a trip is in order.
    I have been looking with envy at all the yard sale goodies of the overseas girls but have to admit I have not been in any of our op shops for a while.
    All the best for a healthy end of pregnancy.

  6. You look Faaaabulous! Good luck with your last weeks.

  7. what a pretty little mama bird you are!! so soon - so soon. she'll be here!
    bagel making and picture frame sanding sounds like the perfect projects to keep you busy from the anxious waiting.
    take good care of yourself these last few weeks.
    love, lindsay

  8. So glad you're feeling better. Get out into the sunshine. Let it warm your little belly! Hope you continue to feel good (well better than you were). xxx

  9. Yay, cutest picture ever!!! That's only the second time I've seen a picture of you in the past months, and I have to say, you look absolutely wonderful. Man, am I ever excited, and I hope when you get Little Keats home that we can do a video phone!
    luv S

  10. Anonymous12:46 am

    ah, i am so excited for you. you look great for a pregnant mama.

  11. such a great post, and sweet photo of you. makes me smile! so very glad you are feeling better.

  12. It's a beautiful photo Leslie, you look so calm and serene..that wonderful sense of *knowing*...with all you go through in your journey of pregnancy hold onto these moments they are truly beautiful, as you photograph shows...

  13. Not long to go, and lovely pic. My big babies did my back in too. Thinking of you. Rachel

  14. Anonymous3:39 pm

    You are glowing and look beautiful :-) Wishing you a very smooth next few weeks as you await the birth of your sweet little one.


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