Thursday 17 July 2008


whew, what a day. it started at 7:48am with a delivery from my lovely auspost man (he always seems to deliver my packages between 7:30 and 8:00am, which would be great if i wasn't trying to sleep in). i wasn't expecting anything and so was quite pleased to find an easiyo home yogurt maker that i won in a competition that i completely forgot i even entered! i never enter contests and i can't even remember how i came across this one so i'm quite surprised i actually won. not ten minutes later our plumber showed up to connect the gas lines for our new central heating system so i gave up all hope of heading back to bed, hoped in the shower, grabbed the dog and headed into footscray to run some errands. i was waiting at a green light, popped the clutch in, heard a "crunch" and suddenly realised that my clutch pedal had disappeared into the back of my dash. yep. uh-huh. so the hazards go on, i call shane, he calls RACV, some very lovely people try to help me to no avail as we can't get the car out of gear to move it, RACV comes, calls a tow truck, tow truck with the most unhelpful driver EVER comes and takes my car away, leaving me standing on the street corner in footscray with baxter as he won't let the dog into the cab of his truck. seriously. 38 weeks pregnant. cold and windy. small, sweet dog. luckily there was a cab rank around the corner so after waiting 10 minutes or so for the taxi that the jackass tow truck driver said he was going to call for me, i found a lovely cabbie who would let baxy sit in my lap while he took me home. and i arrived just in time to meet the fisher & paykel man who was there to fix our washing machine.

like i said, whew! so we got a lot accomplished today, really - fixed washing machine, fixed car and a much-needed service to top it off, shane and i went for a lovely, cheap vietnamese dinner in footscray after picking up my car tonight and then came home to share a (very, very small) glass of red wine while enjoying the amazing, beautiful warmth of our central heating. aahhhhhh. hopefully tomorrow is a little less exciting.

in other random notes, i've been to the osteo twice this week and have another appointment tomorrow, we're making slow progress on the back pain but i'll take any progress after it flared up again big time on sunday night. 12 hour heat packs are my new best friend. also, i just saw on tv that we're finally getting costco here in aus? will wonders never cease...


  1. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Oh yes I have one of these yoghurt makers too! It was a present and it is my new favorite thing. If you like yoghurt you will love this!
    Whoa what a day!!

  2. I can't believe that guy was such a pig to you and Baxter! Outrageous - particularly given you're 38 WEEKS PREGNANT.

    Glad you got to kick some goals today, and to hear that the osteo has given you some reprieve. Go you!

  3. wow that's the most intense story I've ever would make me tired...let alone a pregnant lady.

    Next time you can call me...I'll take ya home...and baxter can sit anywhere he wants...can't believe that tow rude!

  4. I can not believe he left you standing there. I was in the same situation at about 37 weeks but luckily the truckie too me

  5. What a day! Surely Baxter is cleaner than the average tow truck driver.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Costco in Australia.

  6. What a day ! I hope today is a lot calmer and that your back improves.

  7. what a day!

    i can't believe that tow truck driver!!!

    hope you are enjoying your new heating :-)

  8. i bet you go into labour today after a day like that!sounds like you handled the dramas very calmly, i woulndnt have :)

  9. Anonymous10:54 am

    What Bianca said! I totally would have rescued you and Baxy... when will I see you and your belly, anyway? x

  10. I agree with Dani - Baxter's arse hole is cleaner than that truck drivers finger.

  11. How exhausting...we had an experience when I was around 30 weeks pregnant visiting family in the country. Our dog cut her leg open, we rushed to the nearest vet 40+ mins away at around 5pm. Hit a kangaroo, wrecked the front of my car, neither had our mobiles, luckily though a motorist stopped and phoned a towie, and he was nice and had Nick, I and the bleeding dog in his cab. He even dropped Nick off at the vets and me to a motel.
    So not all towies are mean. Take care.

  12. Anonymous8:03 am

    What a jackass. That happened to us coming home from the airport. Lottie (all seven pounds of her) was in her travel crate and this cabbie (who is required by law to take the next person in the queue) starts SCREAMING at us in some language. I assumed from his gestures that he was horrified by my dog. It was both embarrassing and irritating. The next cabbie in line took us and said that guy was a fool (which he was, as we are generous tippers).

    Did you give him a good pregnancy-hormone lashing? Or cry?
    What a jerk. I hate that tow truck driver!! Lol... Why did no one stop to help you? I would've....but I am very far away. I'm always shocked at how carelessly people treat pregnant women. It makes me so mad.

  13. Anonymous8:04 am

    Oh - as for the Costco - I am giving you fair warning that it's HORRIFYING. Just shocking. I have stepped foot in one, ONCE. Never again......


  14. Mercy. May this be the most excitement you get for the next many months.

    I kinda like Costco. Just sayin'.


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