Friday 13 June 2008

wanna trade?

new fabric order

a recent order from the fat quarter shop... man, i love buying fabric online. or shopping for it in person. or finding it in an op shop. any of those, really. however...

wanna trade?

i got this dick & jane print from michael miller with my recent haul but when i look at it with the rest of my stash, it just doesn't sit right and i don't know what i would pair it with. the colours just aren't "me". i have a full yard of it - anyone, anywhere in the world, want to trade some scraps/fat quarters for it? *sweet! trade in progress!*


  1. Anonymous2:08 pm

    sorry. i am not needing that cute fabric. but i am sure you will have a taker. very soon. but i want to know more about that cowboy fabric. i love it.

  2. hi! i've been l a z y about commenting lately so i'll catch up now :) love the new look oobees, but I gotta admit that little fleecy brown one is divine; he looks like he's wearing a ski-suit just perfect for our crummy weather.

    I'm not up for trading either, BUT I did want to say that I have seen bibs that are like smocks made with that fabric with clear pvc (?) over the top so that they wipe clean easily and they looked so cute on. admittedly they were for twin boys *shrug*

    hope all is good with you, and i look forward to catching up soon

    jo xoxo

  3. i love the cowboy/girl print fabric, who makes it? sorry, don't really love the dick & jane fabric...hope you find someone to trade with.

  4. Anonymous7:51 am

    Sorry, been there done that! I used quite a few of the Dick and Jane range (including that one) to make cot quilts for 2 of my nephews. You've probably seen the remnants resurface as sandwich wraps.

    Cos real men bring their lunch to work in Dick and Jane sandwich wraps LOL.

  5. Fabric shopping *is* exciting!! I never really have any projects though - i suck at sewing!

  6. I love fabric shopping on line too, although recently I bought something which was sooooo not how it was pictured. A little dissapointing. I've been trying to rack my brains for a use for the D&J fabric but I cant come up with anything. I'm sure someone out there will be keen to swap.

  7. to rebecca and leslie who asked about the cowboy fabric - it's
    Michael Miller Cream Horseplay and you can find it here:

    it's really lovely in person, too, smooth and soft : )

  8. let me know if you still want to trade...


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