Monday 16 June 2008

further evolution

new oobees!

like i said, i've been sewing a lot. like, i mean a lot. shane has been putting in heaps of hours on the hallway (he installed our new front door over the weekend, a huge, gorgeous blackbutt number that i found on ebay for $60. it originally came out of an old hotel in the city and, after a sand and a few coats of varnish, it looks fabulous) so rather than sit on the couch, which hurts my back, i've been holed up in the sewing room with the dog and the heater. add to that a bit of extra time on the weekends between 3am and 6am when i can't sleep and the result is yet another batch off oobees to be popped into the shop later this week. i'm pretty excited by these guys, all rich, wintery fabrics (not so relevant for you northern hemisphere readers) and the newest additions to the "well dressed oobee" range...

rani le well dressed oobee

rani le well dressed oobee, made from a super soft cotton velvet and sporting pinwale corduroy pants and a lovely polka dotted top...

merle le well dressed oobee

and merle le well dressed oobee, made from a fuzzy, vintage wool/mohair and sporting dashing freespirit cotton pants and a japanese dotted cotton top.

these two fellows were so much fun for me to make, although they take quite a bit longer than my usual, simpler oobees. choosing fabrics for little outfits is SO fun! i have a couple of other projects to finish up before i list everything so i'm thinking they'll all be available on thursday or friday this week.


  1. Their adorable, I love them.

  2. They all look super cuddly with those great winter colours. I am guessing the textures would be great to pat!

  3. they're so cute...and look nice and warm too!

  4. OMG - I love love love that little red one!

    They all look so wintery and warm and fuzzy - well done!

    Let me know if you're ever up for a wee swap - I'm starting to get really annoyed that I don't have an Oobee in my life yet!

    Leah xxx

  5. Love the well dressed ones. Nick is obsessing over rani.

    And hi Dani, fancy seeing you here ; )

  6. Oooh - I love those winter oobies. Would love to see a pic of your great ebay find!

  7. These are all soooooo cute!! Nice work :)

  8. Anonymous1:36 am

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  9. Anonymous10:11 am

    [um. nice spam on the above comment...]
    love your new little guys - rani le well dressed is super stylish. :)

  10. what do you mean... spam? i'm sure discount bedroom furniture is a long time reader ; )

    i was going to delete it but now i'm just going to leave it there 'cause it's funny. and after 4 or 5 days of next to no sleep, i need a little funny in my day.


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