Friday 20 June 2008

shop update

there are new oobees and a couple of new cushion covers now in my shop! yes, i need more sleep.


  1. Cute! The stuff in your shop all looks so good!

    And you are getting so close now to the birth :) Your bub will be lucky with all those beautiful crafty things you make!

    (Can't wait to see photos of the little (hopefully for the clothing you have ready) girl :D

  2. Real nice new stuff! Love the pink zoo cushion. Very bright, great colour combination!
    I was reading that you are pregnant. Congratulations! 34 weeks, so not very long anymore.. Exciting! x

  3. Oh gosh, this is bad news for me. I am going to get in major trouble if I buy anything, but those cushions are CALLING ME. Insomnia is your best creative friend at the moment.. Poor you. Hope you get to curl up in the sun this week. xx

  4. Anonymous12:57 am

    hi! those sunflowers are so cute, do you mind if i try to something similar for my baby? it's probably not going to happen at the rate at which i'm sewing at the moment... which is not at all... but i'd like to put it on my to do list!


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