Monday 23 June 2008

Alphabet Tea Towels

Alphabet Tea Towels, originally uploaded by Linzie Hunter.

i missed them AGAIN. i can't believe it.

UPDATE: as sam just very kindly pointed out, i haven't missed them, they just haven't been listed yet! yay! i may just be able to snag one this time, if only i'm awake when they go into the shop in north american hours... fingers crossed, people.

UPDATE 2: i got one! i got one! not the exact colours i wanted, i had to settle for the green and blue combo but i got one. sometimes being up at 5am really pays off.


  1. Hi Leslie

    I don't think you have missed them again. I don't think they have been put in the shop yet. I looked at the sold items and there haven't been any sold recently...... you may still be in luck! At leas i hope that is the case, i am keen for one too!


  2. sweet! i think you are right, i forgot that i'm a day ahead in australia... i wonder what time they'll be available? thanks for the tip!

  3. Anonymous6:53 am

    what colour combo were you after? i bought all 4 colour combos not knowing which i liked the most (and thought the less fav would be good gifts for people)

    if you wanted the blue/grey or orange/brown (they arrived in the post yesterday, so know my favs now) then i am happy to swap (since i have your blog to thank for finding them in the first place *L*)

  4. oh my god! seriously?? i got my blue/green one yesterday and, while i do like it a lot, i can't help wishing i had the blue/grey one... i'll send you an etsy convo and we'll see what we can work out : )



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