Tuesday 17 June 2008

notes on 34 weeks

i know i shouldn't complain, this pregnancy has been pretty smooth sailing aside from feeling consistently hungover/jet lagged from weeks 7 through 14. even now things are going pretty well, the heartburn is kept under control by eating smaller meals and if i get out for a bit at lunchtime, my back doesn't kill me too much by the end of the work day... but, MAN, i'm tired. really, really tired and just not sleeping. trips to the loo every hour and a half and then a couple of hours of wakefulness each night mean i'm running pretty low on steam. i finish work at the end of next week so at least an end is in sight - or, rather, a continuation of the daily naps i take on the weekends to survive.

i feel huge, of course, and somehow can't wrap my head around the fact that i will ever fit into normal clothing again. it just doesn't seem possible. i can see why women are said to want to burn their maternity clothing. finding things to wear when i have to leave the house these days is a struggle. i may start wearing sweatpants to work next week : )

aside from that, everything is good. the baby is getting super strong and has an aerobics class in my belly several times a day. i'm not stressing about the amount we need to get done in the house. i'm totally looking forward to my mom coming out for a visit once the baby is born. and i'm only slightly starting to panic about going into labour. now that it could technically happen at any time, i'm trying not to dwell on wondering what it will be like and just ride it out when it comes, which is easier said than done.

and there have been a few more additions to the future nursery:

pillow for the nursery
a quilted cushion cover i made last week...

small crochet blanket
and a small crochet blanket made from a loose bag of wool granny squares from the salvation army. i actually finished this months ago and just haven't had a chance to photograph it before. i think it will look so sweet thrown over the top of my new phil & teds sport pram (picked up last weekend).

and from the sweetest of sweet bloggers:

baby gift
a surprise package from fellow canadian and she of the goodness, leslie, containing simply lovely cotton baby kimonos and the most gorgeous of linen blend fabrics. you can't see the fabric too well in this pic but it is stunning, feels wonderful and i will probably never be able to bring myself to cut into it. i love it. and the thought and care behind it. thank you again, leslie...

baby gift
and more stunning gifties from fellow baby endowed blogger telfair, who knit my little one these gorgeous organic cotton bibs (with the cutest buttons ever) and the most amazingly sweet and tiny baby booties:

sweetest baby booties
how perfect are they? i can't wait to show them again, with wee little feet filling them up : )


  1. It is hard at the end, don't feel you're complaining, it's hard work when you get to this point however good you've had it going through.

    Don't be worried about the labour, although I don't want to sound all new agey on you. I had an emergency c-section with my elder daughter (almost 5) and then a natural delivery with my younger (17 mths). Although I don't want any more children, if I could experience the delivery of my second again I would. The contrast between the two was amazing. It hurt, A LOT, don't get me wrong, but oh my lord, what an amazing sense of achievement. I've been one of those "most amazing experience of my life" women. I'm not athletic so can't compare it to a marathon or the like, but I felt like I'd really achieved something delivery that baby. It was still wonderful when I had my first in terms of a babe into my arms and the love, but the delivery, well it's a real achievement. I'm sure you'll do great.

    (Hope I don't sound mad!)

  2. Anonymous7:52 pm

    you are more than welcome. i hope your next few weeks go smoothly. super smoothly.

  3. ooooh, i love the way you've quilted that cushion. I've been looking for a way to quilt my new quilt, and I really like this. Mind if I borrow the technique?

    I can kiiind of sympathise with you re the loo bit! I'm a once a night girl and thats bad enough! Geez that must be tough :S

  4. wow 34 weeks. at least your sleeplessness is preparing you for the first few weeks. then maybe it won't seem so foreign.

    very sweet pillow. love the fabrics. and the goodies your friends sent are lovely as well. i especially adore that simple white kimono, but the knitted booties and bibs are delicious, too!

  5. there is something so magical about a first pregnancy, even with all of the aches, pains and exhaustion. but just wait until your little girl gets here ... oooooh, that's when the magic really begins! can't wait to see you showing her off amidst all her finery :-)

  6. It is so interesting to read the posts of other pregnant women out there, and to see how much beauty, care, hope and generosity there is in such a community.

  7. I feel excited for you. Making a baby is hard work, so I hope you get the chance to sneak in some power naps more often. Yay to finishing up work.

    Great cushion! Great blanket. Gorgeous goodies. This little one is going to have a wonderful life!

  8. I love the cushion!!

  9. It's such an exciting time, I have a 10month old daughter and was stressing a bit about labour - but it was fine, painful, but in a good way...hmmm that doesn't really make sense!!

    I just love the cushion cover, it's devine, and so is the crochet blanket. And all the stuff you got as pressies - love it all!

  10. oh I hear you! I can hardly eat a thing my appetite feels so small and my dr now says I'm the size of a 40 week preg with 6 weeks to go...holy moly

    love the goodies...its fun getting ready and looking at the tiny things thinking how is one little person going to fit into this!


  11. Eeek the blanket - absolutely beautiful!

  12. Anonymous7:22 pm

    i share your take on labour, i'm trying not to worry about it yet, there are too many scary stories out there and i'm ignoring them all. i ordered some relaxation CDs that will hopefully help me to stay calm throughout, which is going to be hugely beneficial apparently.
    what kind of birth are you aiming for? what are the hospitals like in australia?


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