Tuesday 5 February 2008

turning a corner

shop update

the last few days i've felt better, almost normal, for the whole day instead of just a portion here and there. i cooked, i cleaned, i shopped, i sewed and, at long last, i took photos and updated my handmade shop. i've been slowly working on a few easter oobees for the past few weeks, inspired by a custom oobee bunny with super long ears that i made before christmas. i love the way these have come out and i think there will be a few more added to the shop over the next month (but don't quote me on that!). as i unpacked my craft room i uncovered a few windsees that i'd made in my windsee fever last winter - i went a little crazy making them once i was happy with the pattern and had so many that i put a few away to put in the shop later on and completely forgot about them. so they've been added now and hopefully will find new homes after months of toiling away in a dark box. i still have the vintage pieced windsees to add to the shop (which i meant to do in late november and then found out i was pregnant and couldn't think of anything else), just need to hand sew wings onto the last two, but i might save them for a later date as well so the shop doesn't get too overrun with winged creatures : )

it feels good to get some things back into the shop and some new pics up on flickr... i've been feeling really disconnected - not taking photos, not creating, not socialising, watching the projects and tasks pile up around me. i need to get back into the swing of things, send the reply emails that i've been meaning to send, make plans with the people i want to see more of and wish i knew better... start tackling some of those piles.


  1. You will start to feel better and better...and I love the new creations. They are so sweet...

  2. it will all come together. and if not, it will be in a new and improved version, anyway! i love the cute bunny-eared creations, too!

  3. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Growing that baby is #1. Sounds like it's all going splendidly.


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