Tuesday 29 January 2008

random notes from 14 weeks

it's all happening!

• i had my first ultrasound two weeks ago... utterly mind blowing. i don't know what i was expecting, maybe just a bit of a blob on a screen but this was a full on baby, kicking, moving, proportional, fingers, little feet, the whole bit. and only 7cm tall at the time. amazing. amazing. so clichéd but i couldn't stop the tears running from the corners of my eyes.

• my body temperature seems to have increased dramatically. i, the one who is perpetually chilled, always reaching for a cardigan, turning the air conditioner off at work, now find myself blinking and unaware when people around me mention that they are cold. the down side of this is, of course, that the hot days feel REALLY hot and i find myself having to have quite cool showers, even when i want them a bit warmer, otherwise i start to feel like i might pass out. having things go a bit dark with a head full of conditioner and a body covered in suds, then facing a shaky recovery sitting on the bath mat at 8am, is quite alarming and something i'm trying to avoid happening again.

• craving bread, toast... my body doesn't like bread... it causes problems, which is a problem 'cause some days there is nothing else i want but plain old toast and butter, then subway for lunch and falafel wraps for dinner. too much bread.

• still tired. still tired. bedtime might forever be 9:30pm.


  1. Anonymous10:43 am

    pretty surreal, isn't it? :P

    i am feeling much the same things you are, but i'm just one week behind (13 weeks).

    the whole thing is just an amazing crack up. :)

    i'm guessing it gets even more interesting when they start to make movements one can feel...

  2. Anonymous11:45 am

    Oh, isn't it amazing?? Before I had kids, I was always cold. My whole life. After pregnancy, I was always hot and I hate being hot! My youngest just turned 5 and I'm starting to feel my body temp return to what is "normal" to me, where I actually get cold from time to time. There are so many bizarre ways that pregnancy changes your body into something you can't recognize! But it is worth it ;-)

  3. Anonymous12:57 pm

    I was hot the whole time I was pregnant, but now I'm back to normal. It was quite nice, as it was the first winter ever that I didn't have icy hands and feet. It must not be so much good in summer though... the dizzy shower thing sounds really scary.

  4. I was always cold before kids too but while I was pregnant something changed and I am no longer cold. My partner can't believe it, he thought it would wear off after pregnancy but I feel the cold much less now

  5. what an amazing thing. pregnancy. seeing your little baby. everything. i can't imagine what you are feeling. all these changes. i hope the rest of your pregnancy goes wonderfully smoothly.

  6. It really is a miracle every time. When I was first pregnant I couldnt believe people have babies all the time, becuase it felt so incredible amazing.
    Every mother knows it's never cliched.
    Congratulations enjoy this wonderfully exciting time.

  7. It all keeps changing throughout, too! The blackouts, dizzy, sick etc will pass. I didnt get a higher temperature til about a week ago (I'm 36 weeks now). Heartburn? Water Retention? Total Exhaustion? Oh it's so fun... But yes, so amazing - especially the first ultrasound. Are you finding out what you're having? Come down and see me at Yarraville Festival. I'm having a Twiglet stall! x

  8. That is amazing! I am looking forward to hearing more about your pregnancy journey. I am yet to experience it myself, but one day hopefully...

  9. Hello little baby!!!!

    Yes there are many many things you are not told about pregnancy until you are pregnant then ALL the horror stories come out!
    I'm hot hot hot all the time and so looking forward to March when baby will make an appearance.
    Hope you are well.

  10. Oh, congrats on the first ultrasound! I'm not a mummy, but it does sound all very strange and exciting. I'm glad that things are going along smoothly (well, as smoothly as you can expect without the rise in temp and carb cravings!).

  11. 9:30 bed is SENSATIONAL! That's a pretty cute bubba you're cooking.

  12. for me, that first ultrasound remains one of my most mind-blowing experiences. at 13 weeks this tiny little being with formed bones inside me that i can't feel. UNBELIEVEABLE. MIRACULOUS. totally.
    and yes, you may well be going to bed at 9.30pm for, oh, about the next 5 years... :)

  13. It's so weird isn't it, I don't have too many symptoms though.. some days I almost forget that I am pregnant. I'm still with you and the tiredness though.. I thought it was meant to get better by now. I think I'm not so tired during the day but by 9ish I'm completely out of it.

  14. they grow up so fast! :P

    really wonderful, leslie!

  15. No such thing as too much bread when your pregant! Eat what makes you happy - I say.

  16. Anonymous4:16 pm

    That's a cute baby you have there Leslie.
    How strange it is that you can watch them grow inside you these days,no such technology in my day.

    It may pay you to think about getting a plastic chair or stool for the shower better than falling and hitting your head one morning.

    Take care.

  17. oh my. what a cutey. i dont think i have ever seen a baby with more creative potential. Just look at the way s/he is contemplating the next big op shop splurge!

  18. this brings back so many memories - being too hot during a summer and having shower, after shower, after shower to get cool. (even had to sleep on a damp towel as I was too hot at night and couldn't get to sleep). The blackout in the shower would have been very scary though. The ultrasound has improved a lot in 6 years too, so clear. Eating gingernut biscuitts and lemon juice every day as that was all I wanted. Now my daughter loves both!!

  19. Ooo excuse the blog stalking but happy baby! Very exciting.

    I used to call mine the baby furnace. Sleeping in the middle of winter in Dunedin (known for freezing temps) with the window wide open and just a sheet. Crazy!

    Anyway, will be back to read more when I am not meant to be working. hehe

  20. Congrats, amazing, thank you for sharing.
    Excited for you!

  21. What a great picture - so clear, what a gorgeous baby!

    My first ultrasound is Monday and I am so twitterpated!

    (My bedtime still similarly early!)


  22. Anonymous7:02 pm

    After a couple of months of blog-free time, very excited to read of your pregnancy today. Congratulations......, Kim

  23. Oh wow! It must have been amazing to see the ultrasound & that little one in there:)

  24. your first ultrasound is one of the most surreal and amazing experiences you'll ever have. Because you can't actually feel the baby moving, it takes a few moments to twig that what you see on the screen is really inside of YOU!

    I believed it was a video of someone else's child they were showing me until she pressed my stomach and my son almost did a somersault!

    the next surreal, amazing moment is when you feel the baby move! not long now.

  25. Anonymous11:14 am

    Ultrasounds are amazing eh!! I bawled which was embarrasing, but I didnt care cos it was so amazing. And I just wanna say, as crappy or tired or exhausted as you may get (and it most certainly gets worse), and through all the pain and exhaustion and feelings that you cannot go another minute during the labour... as soon as your baby is placed in your arms, at that EXACT moment, everything vanishes, and it is the nicest moment in the world. You have your baby and it was all worth it.


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