Friday 8 February 2008

so much cuteness

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when i first discovered i was pregnant, i made a promise to myself that i wouldn't buy anything for the baby until i found out what sex it was. not so much because of any pink vs. blue issues as i'm planning a pretty earth toned wardrobe either way but it seemed a good way to postpone the inevitable flood of cuteness that i knew i'd be consumed by once i let myself. i've done so well, avoiding going into baby shops, not thinking too much about it... until last week, when i started doing a bit of "research" into cloth diapers (yep, i'm giving them a go and any australian available brands you can recommend or feedback you have would be hugely appreciated) and online baby shops. of course, browsing around baby shops, i became enamored with cuteness and when i spotted a sale, i finally broke and bought my first items of baby clothing. three wee Gaia organic cotton bodysuits arrived on my desk yesterday and they are sooooo soft and small and lovely - i'm smitten. and, now that the flood gates have sprung a leak, i've spent so much time the past few days perusing esty for handmade and vintage baby goods. i still want to put off buying too many clothes as i know my mom is already stockpiling stuff in canada to bring over (she's pretty excited) but i wanted to get some feedback from you guys as to what i really need for a winter baby? what and how much? and what can i make myself and what should i just buy?

oh, and i already snapped up those adorable vintage moccasins above - pure future cuteness with little jeans and a grey longsleeve t-shirt, i'm thinking : )


  1. perfect timing. i am looking for the perfect baby gift for my new little neice or nephew. i might just have to choose something off your above list. those moccasins are way to cute. happy shopping!!

  2. Anonymous1:04 pm

    It probably doesn't get as cold there as it does here, but when I worked at the baby store, we always recommended the JJ Cole Bundle Me as one of the must have purchases. They also have a Bundle Me Lite, which may be more suited to your climate. They are the greatest. They are warm and snuggly and cover up your baby without you having to worry about losing the blanket you used to cover them in their car seat.

    I also recommend getting a Nursing Pillow -- sometimes referred to as a Boppy in the USA, whether or not you are nursing. They make bottle feeding a lot easier too, giving you a free hand to read a book or drink some water or whatever. Also, your child forms an attachment with the pillow and will use it to childhood, laying on it to watch movies or whatnot. It can also be used as a steadying device when the child is learning to sit on their own.

    Lastly, I would get a front carrier, like a Bjorn. It will allow you to have free hands to get dishes or vacuuming done, or whatever you have in mind. Very helpful!

  3. so many gorgeous things! It's such a special time, your allowed to spurge a little.

    I think some large flannel wraps are a must. Mine loved being wrapped up tight like mummies.

  4. You have found some gorgeous things. I can't remember what I needed and haven't bought much for the next one - I do remember soft cotton stretchy hats/beanies were really useful and flannel wraps. Bonds suits for nightime are always good.

  5. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Ditto the flannel wraps (which you could DIY) and Bonds wondersuits (grab wondersuits when Kmart or Target has a sale, Bonds sizes tend to be small though so don't go all out on the 0000 size). Also, Old Navy has fairly cheap basics (little onesies with short or long sleeves) in great colours that aren't very common here - brown, green, dusky blue - if that's a store your Mom has access to...

    Cloth nappy-wise, our two favourite nappies for our 12 month old are Mandy Macs (hemp) and Baby Beehinds (bamboo) - both fitted nappies that use a cover over the top (we use Bummis PUL covers). BUT when the bub was first born we used plain organic cotton prefolds and the Bummis covers, and tried out a few different brands and styles of nappies until we had a sense of what suited us and fitted the bub best - and then we bought more of the ones we liked. Prefolds dry really quickly (helpful for the early days when you go through more nappies, and esp when you're trying to dry things in winter!) and are not very expensive either.

    If you haven't found it already, there is a Yahoo Group called OzClothNappies which is really helpful - their FAQ is at and has loads of info, and this page has (perhaps an overwhelming number of) links to people that sell nappies in Australia, as well as some info and patterns for making your own.

    And if you happen to be at the Mixtape launch this arvo, I'll be the girl with the green-framed glasses, the 12-month-old bub and a bag with a couple of cloth nappies inside!

  6. Anonymous6:40 pm

    This is so incredibly daggy and practical, but you know - I don't think you can go past those Bonds Wondersuits in white with a little baby. They are cheap, wash and dry in an instant, and are easy to handle. To open them up, tuck a wee baby in and do up in an instant with no turning over of crying baby, and doing up of ties is a blessing when you are sleep deprived and just want to cuddle your little bundle and watch an old movie.

    Compensate for the practicality by making some fabulous snuggly coaty things to wear out when you are trotting around showing the perfect creature off.

    It's always good to have some fab leggings to wear over one of those stretchy tops that does up at the crotch though. That's practical and cute.

    Crikey, I'm coming over all baby love.... I did think I was over this. *slaps self on forehead*

  7. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Even thought they don't look that glamerous, bond suits with the snap up fronts are indespensible for brand new babies (I've had 3). Make yourself some groovy pram blankets and a lovely hat for when they go out.
    Once the baby gets to about 6 months it get MUCH easier to dress them in more interesting clothes all the time. I second the flannelette wraps suggestion. New babies love to be wrapped up tight so that they can not move their arms too much - reminds them of the womb. You stop wrapping by about 4 months.

  8. Those Gaia suits are great - Ali's had a few Gaia things, and they are really soft and lovely for babies to wear, and gorgeous colours too. Naturebaby is another brand with nice soft organic cotton - they ship from NZ ( And purebaby ( has lovely organic cotton stuff with unusual prints, but the sizes run quite small so if you have a jumbo baby like mine they outgrow them very fast!
    All-in-ones with lots of poppers are good for quick nappy changes, but keep tummies warm... I find that with separates Ali always ends up with a gap between his singlet and nappy.
    The wraps are great, especially the big squares... they can be used for swaddling, to keep sun off, for mopping up sick etc. etc.
    And the one piece of baby equipment that has got the most use here is the baby bjorn bouncer... seriously, every day since we bought it.
    Have fun shopping... it is such a special time.


  9. Anonymous11:53 pm

    I have a four year old (born in June) and a 11 week old (born before summer) - and, I have to say, the thing that struck me with both is just how quickly they grow out of everything. Our youngest was put in a pair of 0 pants today (he was born 9 pounds 1) - all of the lovely clothing bought for him is sitting by the wayside, outgrown. So my only real advice is not to buy a lot of the smaller clothing, but wait until you see the size of him/her and buy what you need in their early weeks...

    Good luck! I just found your blog - it's wonderful!!


  10. Anonymous12:53 am

    ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the best dear Leslie!

  11. Anonymous10:13 am

    Your post gave me a giggle because I promised myself I would hold off buying things for baby number two..until I saw one of your softies on etsy and couldn't resist (pink, orange and purple, floral print, vintage cotton oobeee...sooo cute). That oobee kinda opened the floodgate of purchases for me ha ha. Anyway, I second the white wondersuits idea. Baby number one was a May baby and he lived in these. You might look at them and think "no way, so dull" but they are a winter baby essential. The only suit that seems to fit snugly enough against the baby's skin to keep them cosy and they are cheap enough to keep a whole stack in every size in the drawer(babies go through clothes at emergency rate!!). Plus, I liked to layer his cute clothes over the top when I wanted to keep him warm out and about, like a pair of long johns I suppose?). Good luck!!

  12. I so know how you feel! Once you start looking at all cute baby duds, you just can't stop. My bub was a winter baby so we stocked up on a lot of the bonds wondersuits. Another one I can rave about is purebaby with its organic cottons which wash really well and still look new even after a lot of wear. Just remember that whatever you get them when they're born will probably only last about three months. They're pretty much turning over a new wardrobe every three months in the first year. After that the wardrobe starts lasting six months. Good luck!

  13. Anonymous1:50 am

    You are history now Leslie once you start you can't stop.
    But it's great fun so enjoy but remember they grow very quickly so not too much of the smallest size.

  14. Anonymous8:38 am

    i had summer babies but i'll give you my thoughts on "need" for the babe.
    i like using "nighties" rather than all-in-ones over night as much easier to change the nappy in the middle of the night and tuck their cute legs into the nightie and zip up the bottom. eenie meeni mini moe have cute ones. lots of wraps/blankets with stretch - easier to snug them up tight and put them in bed so it doesn't come undone easily and they wake up cold. a cute little beanie is a must have (or 5!). all in one singlets and suits for holding all the clothes and nappies together and no cold bits exposed. little wrap over cardies are great for layering. definitely a baby bjorn for handsfree action and snuggles aplenty!
    oh, and enjoy it all! it seems to just fly past all too quick. :)

  15. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Trying realllly hard not to look!!! I know I won't be able to resist!!

  16. blankets and wraps, they get dirty so quickly, i think i used at least 3 or 4 every day! have fun, i can't wait to see all that you end up with! -kb

  17. So much good advice above!
    I agree with the Bonds wondersuits- we were lent about 10 which C lived in day and night until he grew out of them at about 4 weeks. From then we used stretchy pants (We were given one pair of Nature Baby long pants which have been in use from 2 to 7 months. They started out too long, but they were so cute! They were a 3-6 month size) over undersuits (long sleeved, that did up under the crotch- Bonds do great ones that are quite lightweight so good for layering), with a t-shirt over.

    C wore very little of his knitwear because he was swaddled so much of the time and if he was awake we were usually indoors. However, knitted beanies were used heaps. But you may have a baby that doesn't like being swaddled much. You never know.

    My main piece of advice would be buy as little as possible - if you have friends with babies, borrow what you can, and figure out what suits your baby and your own preferences. They grow out of it all so fast...

  18. Yes, one can never have too many blankets to wrap when little one is in the car seat. We received at least 20 with out first. And bunting. That goes along way, especially with the little fold over gloves. I wouldn't focus too much on the smaller size because they grow super fast. Hats. I maily kept our children in pjs during the winter, especially our first who was born in october. But we were living in Iowa then and that place is like the antartica in the winter. Oh I am so happy for you. Trying to retrain myself in sending you a little package!

  19. I think the previous advice on what to get is pretty good. My advice, though, is to buy as much stuff second hand as possible. They grow out of stuff so fast that it's hardly worth buying new. Maybe you can satisfy your urge to buy at the thrift stores and then buy just one or two extra special Etsy outfits from mommy. I hit garage sales every weekend when I was pregnant and some of the stuff I found turned out to be my favorite stuff.

    Love all the Etsy stuff, though.

  20. how exciting to be looking for great items for the baby. there are so many amazing things out there right now, things have changed quite a bit even since I had my little girl.

    I wish you the best in all the many adventures to come.

  21. gorgeous!

    Re. your comment on the cricket...I was ok but I didn't really understand it. It's just the drunken people I can't stand...

    Take care

  22. This is great advice.. I'm going to have to steal some of it for myself. I was particularly unsure about what winter babies sleep in. I love all the etsy picks too, I didn't even think about looking there for baby stuff but now I'm done for.

  23. oh my! so many cute little baby things!

  24. Anonymous11:28 am

    Hi Leslie, It is so much fun planning. Something i didn't do I was so unsure where to start, thankfully I had great support from both mother and mother-in-law!. My first born is a June baby and there are several musts for a winter baby that I found really helpful..Polar fleece! Polar fleece wraps for the pram and transporting from car to shops/house..Wool mittens.. especially for newborn if they pull their hands out whilst in the pram. Definitely beanies all types, wool, polar fleece or stretchy cloth.
    Still invest in some muslin wraps as the baby will only be 5 months by xmas and excellent for wrapping baby in all weather. I currently have my 13 month old wrapped in a muslin cloth for her morning sleep...always handy!

  25. Anonymous10:19 am

    So many cute options. Wow. Can't wait to see what you pick for the new one.

  26. Hi! Wife of Cantor here. The absolute best cloth nappy, from one who has bought a LOT of different types is the baby beehinds bamboo fitted. They'll take you from newborn to toilet training too so brilliant value. YOu can check them out at or if you're really interested, ask Nic to bring one in so you can see it in the flesh.
    Nothing cuter than a bub with a big cloth bubble butt : )

  27. Woooo so much cute stuff there!!

    Check out the NZ cloth nappy site too if you want any info on stuff available here. - Has patterns available to download in the DIY section. Most of us are quite smitten with pocket nappies - easy to use and totally customisable absorbency.

    Check out Anemone Crafts on etsy if you find out you are having a little girl - seriously cute handmade dresses.

  28. yay for cloth :) I just used flannel nappies and a snib for newborn. Honestly you go through so many when they're little. My fav MCN are itti bitti's, bits for bots which are both all in ones ( no cover needed)and pocket nappies like greenkids. There is a forum called nappycino that has heaps of info on the beauty of cloth :) good luck with it all:)

  29. Anonymous3:23 pm

    I have been pouring over you blog and reading about your impending babyness. I would love to gift you some handmade bibs to aid in the getting ready mode.

    Please send me your snail mail details via email so I can send them on.

    Cheers, Psaltis


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