Tuesday 12 February 2008



pure, pure gold. thank you so much for all your advice and suggestions on baby gear, it really is exactly what i needed. i wasn't even thinking about hats so that was a good wake up call. i'll be trying my hand at a few different patterns, i think, knit and sewn. now i've got all sorts of projects planned - a playmat, blankets, wraps, bibs, hats, and this super cute baby kimono pattern i found from martha. she's also got a pretty damn cute felt shoes pattern that i might have to have a go at. and yes, i will be splurging on the odd item - i had to add the gorgeous merino baby wrap (i figure a girl can wearing slatey blue just as well as a boy can) and the organic dishclothes below to my etsy purchases list. i started a cotton washcloth myself last week, spent a couple of hours knitting in obviously the wrong sitting position, only to suffer a near blinding headache most of the next day. seems it's been so long since i've knit anything that my body has forgotten a comfortable way of doing it and i ended up with a couple of sizable knots in my neck. nice. now, of course, i've got some nice, easy projects to use up a chunk of my yarn stash and i'm too fearful of headache retribution to do anymore knitting for awhile.

::the pic above is there for a wee bit o' colour and to let anyone who's been waiting for one that i'll be popping 3 or 4 new fleurs into the shop later this week::


  1. I just whipped up a few of these cute little hats-http://babypatterns.atspace.com/ecaps.html for bubs. They are super quick and incredibly easy. I even used up fabric from my stash, bonus!

  2. That picture is darling :)

  3. I love your Fleur- what a cool idea!

  4. Knitted washcloths are fantastic. Nice easy projects too.
    That baby kimono pattern is lovely!

  5. Anonymous12:19 am

    I would like to buy one of these gorgeous 'fleurs' for a friends little girl. Are there any left and how can I go about getting one. They are divine.


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